Here I go again…

I’ll keep the brief for two reasons inaugural post  brief for two reasons.  First, I’ve already written at length about the process of blogging the last time I made an attempt at it.  Second, meta-theorizing about the process of writing, among many other things, is outside the scope of this blog.  The chief failing of Height of Hubris was, in my opinion, a lack of focus.  For that reason, this blog will focus exclusively on film and television criticism.  There will be no politics, no philosophy, and no rants against the latest thing to piss me off.  This blog will not be covering all things John Woodward.  It will be delivering focused thoughts on a narrow subject.

To narrow the scope even further, the initial posts will only be reviewing the current season on Dexter.  One post per episode, with a  possible retrospective at the end.  Hopefully the limited quantity will assure some reasonable quality.  Should I gain any sort of momentum in the writing department, other shows and/or movies may begin to appear.

I don’t really think there needs to be any greater statement of purpose here.  This is not some grant endeavour.  It is merely an outlet for my urge to write.  Should it grow into something bigger, that’s a happy accident.  Thanks for reading.

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