Monthly Archives: April 2010

Kids… I don't like 'em

Ah Snyder, how I love you, arriving like a breath of cartoonishly ill-tempered air.  Continue reading

I just want my city back

A crisis is something that must be addressed immediately; a problem is something that can’t be.  I’m not sure if it’s me or the characters getting used to the devastation-visuals (probably a bit of both), Continue reading

Would you describe the sound as "Hitchcockian"?

A key advantage in how effectively child abuse was presented in the last episode is that it paves the way for more serious topics to be dealt with going forward.  Continue reading

There's a demon in the internet

Wow, that was bad. I mean really bad, as in “this was an episode that didn’t really work on any level,” bad.

Continue reading

We're done goin' back

“Momentous” seems to be the best word to describe this episode.  Too much of Lost involves characters talking things over while moving across the island, but “The Last Recruit” felt different.  Perhaps it’s because everybody decided to make their move this week, Continue reading

Something… authentic?

You. Must. Watch. Treme.  Seriously, the second episode firmly places the series in that “elusively awesome” category that David Simon has mastered.  Continue reading

Don't you watch any horror movies?

Six episodes in and Veronica Mars finally shows some of the same potential it did in the series premiere. Continue reading

Three unusually virile vampires

Just past the halfway mark and we get the template that will be followed for the next two and a half seasons of Buffy/Angel romance: I love you but I can’t be with you.  Continue reading

Gimme a bucket, family size

Whoa.  Much as I’ve been enjoying this season of Lost, it hasn’t had much in the way of big shocks.  Continue reading

Welcome to the city that care forgot

You need to watch Treme.  David Simon’s follow up to The Wire may lack the crime and corruption that characterized his masterpiece but, for me at least, that series was less a new (and awesome) spin on cops and robbers Continue reading