Monthly Archives: May 2010

I'm still here, you know?

So… Why did the Tritons lock Veronica in the trunk?  I’ve had a number complaints about this show so far, but nothing (except maybe Paris) that couldn’t be chalked up to growing pains.  That changed with this episode.  Continue reading

Final Thoughts: BtVS Season One

Can beginnings be both humble and great?  Yes, yes they can. Continue reading

Our own worst enemy

Treme swung for the fences this week and delivered one of its best episodes to date.  I complained last week that the big dramatic moments didn’t have room to breathe, and Simon continues the “quick glimpse” style here, but Continue reading

Everything that happens matters

Really Jack?  I can think of any number of things about this finale, season six, and Lost as a whole that didn’t matter.  Continue reading

I also take cash

Half way through season one and I wish I could say this series has found its rhythm.  Sadly, Keith’s case of the week (which I’ll be referring to as “CoW” from now on) is a rather generic buddy-cop team up with Sherriff Lam while Veronica’s CoW resonates with what’s going on in her personal life… two/three episodes ago? Continue reading

I'm sixteen years old

I may have been too hasty in declaring “Nightmares” the high point of season one, as “Prophecy Girl” is much better than I remember.  Yes, there’s nothing terribly inventive about this episode, but it’s a near-clinic in how to execute a finale. Continue reading

New Orleans can speak for itself

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually.  We’ve finally gotten an episode of Treme that I found less than compelling.  Not that there wasn’t plenty of gold in “Shallow Water, Oh Mama,” just that Continue reading

He doesn't get to save his daughter

Oh Ben, thank you for proving you’re still the biggest badass on the island.  Michael Emerson also earns top marks in LA X, though for opposite reasons, in an episode that otherwise embodied the “ok” assessment.  Continue reading

Go forth and annoy

I think I’ve finally figured out why I can’t really get into Veronica Mars. Continue reading

What, there's homework now?

BtVS really is in top form as the first season draws to a close.  “Out of Mind, Out of Sight” gives us the story of girl turned invisible (and insane) by being consistently ignored. Continue reading