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Final Thoughts: Treme Season One

Coming off The Wire, my expectations for Treme were impossibly high, a fact somewhat mitigated by knowing that they were impossibly high.  Continue reading

That’s this close to takin’ your attractive cousin to the prom

Wow, you know the show’s getting better when Weevil gets a laugh, Veronica and Wallace interact on a human level and somehow, miraculously, the story of the kidnapped school mascot actually works.  Continue reading

Ask an impertinent question to get a pertinent answer

“Character episodes” work best when they sneak up on you.  They should give us an insight into the characters’ motivations without letting those insights push us out of the story.  It’s a lesson many shows struggle with and one The X-Files didn’t recognize in the early days. Continue reading

Just give me one day

Some critics have complained that there were no real surprises in “I’ll Fly Away,” but that wasn’t really the point.  While there were still some moments we were waiting for, the season’s climax was, effectively, last week.  Continue reading

I'll kick your ass if you don't Wang Chung!

Ah, now that was fun.  “Ruskie Business” isn’t quite the melding of episodic and serialized plots I’ve been hoping for, but the case-of-the-week did nicely dovetail into the season arc and was a nice ride to boot.  Continue reading

Do you think I’m spooky?

One of the consistencies amongst great shows in their infancy is how inconsistent they are.  Case in point, the clever ideas and tense moments of “Squeeze” are evenly matched by its clunky scenes and simplistic characterization.   Continue reading

They're just moments

Treme has rarely blown me away in its first season.  That’s not a defect; the show’s been consistently engrossing but it’s built on captivating little moments rather than astonishing big ones.  But, when it does go for the jugular, it nails it.  Continue reading

Don't go blue in the face

This was a good episode all ‘round, although the ending was a little predictable.  I was expecting some more Veronica/Keith goodness from the “Mars vs Mars” title, but that aspect felt a little buried in all that was going on here.  Continue reading

Feature: Finales That Worked

In light of the recent egg Lost laid, I thought it worthwhile to look at some series finales that actually worked.  This is by no means a “Top Five,” just a list of finales that actually managed to encapsulate what their show’s were about and provide some closure to those ideas.  Come on Lost defenders, is that really setting the bar too high? Continue reading

Mulder, you're crazy

The X-Files’ first real foray into its serialized elements is pretty hamfisted, but not unentertaining.  Continue reading