Don't go blue in the face

This was a good episode all ‘round, although the ending was a little predictable.  I was expecting some more Veronica/Keith goodness from the “Mars vs Mars” title, but that aspect felt a little buried in all that was going on here.  To recap, we had the Marses working opposite sides of a sexual abuse case at Neptune High, with Veronica defending her favourite teacher while Keith worked for the “victim’s” parents.  This wasn’t really about the opposing investigations though, as Keith only came in and out of the story.  Veronica was also a little distracted as she searched for Logan’s mother, invaded Duncan’s privacy (again) and made some headway on why Able Koontz confessed to a crime he didn’t commit.  The episode actually did a good job juggling all those different pieces, it just felt like a waste when so many of them were good on their own.

The paedophilic teacher was, as I said, predictable.  Veronica defends him against all evidence and, ultimately, “proves” his innocence.  Of course, *gasp*it turns out he really was guilty.  It was a nice twist that the accuser was lying, although only to protect the identity of the real victim.  I’m really not sure why I saw his guilt coming.  Perhaps it’s because Keith’s been infallible thus far and so I naturally assumed he was correct.  His efforts to keep Veronica out of this case took a hilarious turn with the booby-trapped safe and I really could of used some more of this.

Logan’s mother’s suicide remains “alleged” after one day’s investigation, which makes me wonder where they’re going with this.  Veronica interviews a couple of witnesses, who prove to be lying and/or delusional before some candid camera shows someone falling from the bridge at the apparent TOD.  Of course, that’s quickly undermined by Mrs. Echols’ credit card being used.  We’ve got a new multi-episode mystery on our hands and I’m hoping it ties into the Lilly Kane case somehow.  Not that Logan isn’t entertaining enough on his own, it’s just that I think the season-arc has gotten short shrift in recent episodes and I hope the Echols family being involved could get things back on track.

What attention Lilly got this week was accidental.  Veronica violates the laws of privacy, decency, and respect for someone she allegedly cares about by filching Duncan’s medical records, apparently for no better reason than to satisfy her curiosity.  She gets some justification in discovering Able Koontz’s file while she’s at it and learns that he’s terminally ill.  She also learns that Duncan has a form of epilepsy that causes “uncontrollable violent outbursts,” although she doesn’t seem to pick up on the fact that this makes him a suspect.

Final Thoughts

Veronica’s lack of boundaries could work if it stopped paying off.  This a character flaw that needs to be portrayed as such.  Glossing it over only makes the character less sympathetic.

We also see the return of deputy-cute this week, though it’s not clear why.

Could the Echols have been involved in Lilly’s murder?  My suspicion is based on what I think the story needs to tie it together, not any evidence within the plot.  Perhaps the known-to-be-violent Aaron was responsible?  Perhaps he also killed his wife?

Why would Veronica confront Koontz?  Won’t he just tip off the Kanes that she’s on to them?  Stupid girl.

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