That’s this close to takin’ your attractive cousin to the prom

Wow, you know the show’s getting better when Weevil gets a laugh, Veronica and Wallace interact on a human level and somehow, miraculously, the story of the kidnapped school mascot actually works.  The only misstep in this otherwise solid hour is Veronica’s long awaited reunion with her mother.  Perhaps this event had been given too much buildup to ever be 100% satisfactory, but it wasn’t nearly as revelatory regarding Lily’s murder as it should have been.   Still, it was a good emotional arc for Veronica and interspersing the reunion with the CoW kept me watching.

The smiles start with the vice principal enlisting Veronica’s aid to find the missing mascot, Polly the Parrot.  It nice to see the animosity from the administration turning into grudging respect and equally nice to see Veronica negotiate for a letter of recommendation and some excused absences rather than cash.  From there, she’s off to the rival highschool in an effort to track down Polly.  Veronica quickly singles out the popular kids at the school and her inner-monologue heaps on the usual scorn.  It turns out reality isn’t so simple outside of Neptune and she finds herself actually liking these people.

Although, maybe reality isn’t so simple inside Neptune either?  Wallace is enjoying some newfound popularity through his role on the basketball team and insists that many of the people he’s now hanging out with are actually “pretty cool.”  Veronica has a hard time reconciling the fact that her best friend now associates with the people she despises.  Her efforts to paint everyone with the same brush are further complicated by Meg’s (that’s her name!) repeated overtures of friendship.  Veronica may be unable to forgive those who’ve scorned her for the past year, but lumping 90% of Neptune into that category is doing her and others a disservice.  It’s pretty refreshing to see this show start looking at social relations as more than a simple “me vs the world” dynamic.

As far as the mother child reunion goes, we learn disappointingly little about the Lily Kane case and why Veronica’s mother was being blackmailed.  It may have been to not compromise Celeste Kane’s alibi, but that’s still speculation.  We also get “confirmation” that Veronica might be Jake Kane’s daughter.  As I said, disappointing.  Still, the emotional connection is good, and nicely drawn out over the episode in flashbacks.  Things climax with Veronica gutting her college fund in order to get her mother into rehab.  It’s a really good progression from the hero/villain line she was selling earlier in the season.

Final Thoughts

Oh, Veronica finds the mascot, of course.  Seems a bench warmer on Neptune’s own team took it and was threatening its life keep Wallace off the court.  This would have him back on the court and able to throw the game, thus making a killing through the bets he’d placed.  Sounds convoluted, but it works rather well.

We saw very little of Keith this week, unfortunately.

Veronica discovers that Clarence Weidman was able to follow her through a bug in her room.  She uses some clever counter-surveillance to discover who’s benefiting from Able Koontz’s incarceration.

I’m not really digging Veronica’s relationship troubles.  They weren’t exactly awful, just the weak point of the episode.


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