Monthly Archives: June 2010

A dream of what used to be

Like most people, I was expecting Treme to conclude with Mardi Gras; it seemed only natural that a show with a city as the central character end on its most important day.  With Fat Tuesday Continue reading


What’s that word again, for “almost friend?”

Ah, Veronica Mars, will you never land on a consistent tone?  After the last episode ended on an apparent suicide, “Lord of the Bling” quickly switches back to soft serve.  Continue reading

We are not alone

I was somewhat hesitant to review The X-Files for this blog.  I have a lot of fond memories of this show, but I wasn’t sure how well it, season one in particular, would hold up under scrutiny.  Thankfully, the pilot has more than allayed my fears.  Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Lost Season 6

My incessant thinking about how the end of Lost could’ve been better is beginning to border on fan fiction.  The threat of reaching an even higher level of geekdom is enough to reign me in and I will make only one more statement about how things “should’ve” been Continue reading