Monthly Archives: July 2010

There's some kind of ghost outside the ship

Damn you Space Ghost!  Your efforts to sabotage our space program won’t succeed.   Continue reading

I'm supposed to be the belligerent one, remember?

And with that one role reversal Supernatural proves it has the potential to be more than delicious popcorn. Continue reading

Mutually Assured Destruction

Shit or get off the pot already.  Seriously, whatever virtues this episode may have had were overridden by my desire to see some momentum on the Lilly Kane case Continue reading

We are not who we are

Now that’s The X-Files.  I’ve certainly been enjoying the series thus far, but this is the first episode to really live up to the show’s potential.   Continue reading

Feature: TV is Good For You

I’ve long felt the need to defend television as a medium.  Its critics find easy targets in the dross of reality TV and the baffling popularity of True Blood, and gleefully clutch research “linking” television to ADHD, obesity, and depression.  Never mind that every art form can be dismissed by looking at only its worst examples Continue reading

Of course you should be afraid of the dark

Supernatural’s Pilot is pure nuts and bolts storytelling, with straightforward motivations, familiar structures, and recognizable villains.  It’s also very well executed Continue reading

Don't make me wake up a judge

I really should start tracking who’s writing which episode of Veronica Mars, it might help me anticipate the shifts in quality.  “Hot Dogs” puts the series back on the upswing, a move as jarring as it is welcome. Continue reading

The machine is dead

I’ve already said that many of The X-Files’ best episodes were reimaginings of classic stories.  This is not such an episode.  Continue reading

And the winner is…

Supernatual won the recent poll on which show I should be reviewing next.  Same deal as always, one episode per week until the end.  Premiere review goes up next Wednesday, for those of you who are interested.

Failure is not an option

Not quite an “F,” but damned close.  I’ve said it before and now I must say it again; Veronica Mars has some serious problems with tone. Continue reading