Monthly Archives: August 2010

Nice work Dr. Venkman

“Hook Man” kicks things off with one of the most scary (and outright gruesome) images Supernatural has given us thus far.  It’s your standard slasher-movie cliché Continue reading

Our fates are intertwined

What was, in truth, a very good episode still feels like a disappointment after the awesomeness of the premiere.  “Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker” doesn’t really advance the “present” storyline, with Ellen still in the interrogation room but no one, especially the audience, getting any new information.   Continue reading

Did you get my message?

Remember when I said that Cecil was a good villain?  It’s rather fortunate that “Beyond the Sea” didn’t air first because he’s got nothing on Luther Lee Boggs. Continue reading

Like it or not, we’re not like other people

“Skin” is another all ‘round solid episode, though it falls short of what it should have been.  The problem is twofold.  First, Continue reading

I was warned

Ho-ly crap!  Damages has, quite possibly, the best series premiere I’ve ever seen.  I assumed that a legal drama focused on intrigue would have a necessarily slow pace, but “Get Me a Lawyer” sucks you in immediately Continue reading

A sort of demonic poetry

The X-Files makes for a weird sort of procedural, with the agents focusing on discovering what phenomenon is at play rather than whodunit.  “Fire” is the first time the paranormal’s taken a back seat Continue reading

You’re Mr. Yamishiro’s kid?

What’s the line between homage and knockoff?  I’d say it’s built on acknowledging your sources and bringing something new to the mix.  This show’s never been shy about its sources and “Bloody Mary” is no exception Continue reading

In Defense of Episodic Television

My chief gripe against Supernatural, and Veronica Mars before it, is the episodic nature.  I’m inclined to line up behind those critics who laud serialized storytelling as superior.  Drawing out narratives allows for a more sophisticated plot, it provides room for deeper characters, and it’s the prerequisite for expansive settings.  The mere act of drawing out a narrative over weeks/months/years compels the audience to make an emotional investment in what’s happening.  And yet, calling such series inherently superior is like claiming that novels are “better” than short stories. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Veronica Mars Season One

Well, here we are, at long last.  As should’ve been obvious from my reviews, my enjoyment of this series varied greatly.  How does it stack up in retrospect?  Its most frustrating aspect is unrealized potential, and it’s not fair to criticize a show for what it isn’t.  On the other hand, when a steakhouse serves you a burger it’s natural to feel a little put out. Continue reading

We just knew

Arguably the strongest asset The X-Files had was its ability to change gears from week to week.  It’s the kind of “we can do anything” freedom that most shows are afraid to cope with but, with the right creative team, can lead to some truly exciting television. Continue reading