Monthly Archives: October 2010

Do the right thing

Wow.  “I Hate These People” was the finest episode of Damages thus far, which is saying a lot considering how excellent it’s been.  The conclusion was shocking, momentous, and gut-wrenching enough for this to have been the season finale Continue reading

Sometimes she frightens me

I’ve mentioned before that The X-Files’ chief strength is its movie-of-the-week feel and after getting a sequel and a remake over the past two weeks “Born Again” feels like a breath of fresh air.   Continue reading

With people there’s just crazy

“Unfortunate” is about the best word I can think of to describe Supernatural’s first foray into non-supernatural villains.  I appreciate that the show hasn’t limited itself to demons, spirits, etc as it allows for a much broader range of horror stories to draw upon, but Continue reading

A crisis of the soul

Let’s get something out of the way: I think it’s completely implausible that Harrison could be in any way damaged by witnessing his mother’s murder.  He’s simply too young to have any memory of the event, and not in the repression sense, in the “his brain can’t from long term memories yet” sense.  That said, Continue reading

Shame on you

Our past is inevitably defined by our present.  Damages has been playing with this idea, more or less effectively, since the premiere, framing everything in the context of its aftermath.   The set up adds weight to some moments in “Sort of Like a Family,” Continue reading

Unorthodox methods of investigation

Ugh, ever get roped into watching the sequel to a crappy movie?  That’s about what watching “Tooms” felt like to me.  I don’t feel too bad about my failure to keep an open mind though as this episode was pretty ridiculous in its own right Continue reading

The Active Audience

I’ve already done a post defending television as a worthy object of criticism, but I’ve never really explored how we should go about that.  Regular readers should have a good idea of what my approach to criticism is, but I still think it’s worth a bit of discussion.  Reflecting on how I reflect on television is a good way to identify gaps and biases.  I’m also interested to hear how some of you approach television and how you think we could improve our understanding. Continue reading

Thank God we had dad

Damn it Supernatural, why do you always have to go and ruin things?  Not that “Nightmare” is completely ruined by the Winchester heart to heart, but this on-the-nose speechifying did cost the episode its “A.” Continue reading

Never trust someone that lies to you

Hmmm… ever come across an episode that just doesn’t do it for you?  The nuts and bolts of a great story are all there in “Beauty and the Best,” but for some reason I wasn’t feeling the tension I should have with Dexter holding a young woman captive. Continue reading

You didn’t deserve this

I’ve certainly been enjoying Damages thus far but this episode pushed the series, as a whole, above the “great” threshold.  Continue reading