You didn’t deserve this

I’ve certainly been enjoying Damages thus far but this episode pushed the series, as a whole, above the “great” threshold.  There have been some great episodes before now but I’ve never been quite engaged enough in the characters or the season-arc for my excitement to carry over between episodes.  “Do You Regret What We Did?” moves the story forward not just in giving us some missing pieces but in expanding the fallout of “what happened” beyond Ellen.  The shot of Patty’s meltdown outside her beach house was more compelling than anything we’ve seen since Ellen’s hysteria in the premiere and reminded us that the end result of all this intrigue will be horrifying.  It’s excellent stage-setting for an episode that’s all about raising the stakes.

George decides to play both sides against each other in order to bring an end to the suit.  He offers Ellen, under condition of anonymity, a skeleton from Frobisher’s past that will discredit his testimony and (George hopes) force a settlement.  The plan’s somewhat flawed in that Art’s reputation will now be damaged no matter what he does and, given his ego; this may drive him to do something desperate.  Ray’s no longer the only one having nightmares and they may be an early sign of Frobisher coming unhinged.

Lilah steps up her stalking of David after he rejects her advances yet again, going to Ellen’s office and claiming that she and David have been having an affair.  Ellen’s human enough to be pissed but smart enough to run a background check and confirm this woman’s a crazy stalker.  Given Lilah’s history, she’s looking more and more likely as the killer… leading me to believe that she isn’t.  It’s still too early in this series for us to know whodunit.

Gregory Malina makes his return and final exit this week when he’s run down outside Katie’s home.  The scenes with the two of them were the weakest of the episode and I don’t think anyone will miss their doomed romance.  We never really had enough sympathy for him as a character or them as a couple to believe that he’d risk his life just to apologize.  That said, I didn’t have a problem with his apology to Ray.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I like Ray’s character and not Katie’s or perhaps it’s the tragic moral consequences this call has for Ray.  The decision to sell Greg out is something he’ll regret for the rest of his life, although the confirmation of their relationship reveals just how much he has to lose.

Final Thoughts

They got me again with Frobisher’s dream sequence.  So, that’s Art and Ray’s as stunning successes, Tom’s as an awful failure.  They’re getting better over time.

“You keep playing Patty Hewes.”

Greg’s death was telegraphed the moment he made the tape.  At least its existence doesn’t make his character a total waste.

Were Ellen and Patty discussing Greg’s death?  Something darker?


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