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Everybody wants something

Another week, another inspired episode of Dexter.  “In the Beginning” was a little slow in the… well, beginning, but the bottom half of the episode was so thoroughly awesome that it made up for it.  Continue reading


You guys crime buffs?

The problem in a show with few layers is that you have a hard time finding new things to love.  “Provenance” has all the hallmarks of a good Supernatural episode; compelling mystery, creepy villain, solid humour, etc, but these things just aren’t as shiny as they once were Continue reading

No crying in the boat

This episode was another example of how much this series kicks butt.  It was thought-provoking, full of action (in unexpected and expected ways), intriguing character turns, and some of the best use of contrast I’ve seen. Continue reading

You put yourself out there

“Teenage Wasteland” feels like a step back after the intensity of last week’s episode; which is fine, considering how definitive that episode felt.  This also feels like a return to form for the series; which is more than fine, considering how lackluster the first seven episodes felt.  Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Damages Season One

“Believe the hype” is about the only thing I can say to anyone who hasn’t yet watched this series.  Tight plotting, powerhouse performances and innovative storytelling all add up to make this one of the best show’s I’ve seen in a long time. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: The X-Files Season One

The quality of the first season of The X-Files varied greatly from episode to episode, which isn’t surprising for an anthology series.  Given how different the show was each week, it’s difficult to identify broad trends; the highest highs and lowest lows were mostly isolated to individual episodes.  Nonetheless, there are some elements that elevated this show even when the CoW was tanking, and others that just seemed to weigh it down at every opportunity.

Continue reading

Brockway… Ogdenville… North Haverbrook

Supernatural’s seen a lot of Sam projecting his childhood baggage on the kids he encounters, and they didn’t really get it right until “Nightmare.”  “Something Wicked” marks Dean’s second foray into this pattern and he’ll obviously need a few more attempts to bring it up to that level.  Continue reading

The truth of who I am

Huzzah!  It’s okay to kill again!  After a rather middling first half of the season, “Take It!” proves that Dexter is still the best thing on TV.  To some extent, all those subpar episodes were necessary to get the characters, each and every one of them, to such an emotionally satisfying place.  Continue reading

I ain’t never going to beg you!

This episode blew my mind.  For the first time in a long time while watching the tube, I stared at the TV and thought “Holy CRAP! That was AWESOME”. Continue reading

… but I believe in justice

Nothing this good should be called a letdown, but “Because I Know Patty” is substantially less intense than the two previous episodes.  There are still plenty of twists in the way everything plays out, but the episode falls into the trap of many season finales Continue reading