Final Thoughts: Damages Season One

“Believe the hype” is about the only thing I can say to anyone who hasn’t yet watched this series.  Tight plotting, powerhouse performances and innovative storytelling all add up to make this one of the best show’s I’ve seen in a long time.

What Worked

Glenn Close’s star power garners her most of the critical attention but the entire cast deserves kudos for this series.  Many of the characters on this show epitomize “larger than life” but the skills of everyone involved keep them from being “big and broad.”

Arthur Frobisher is one of the most unique villains I’ve ever seen on television.  His villainy stems, primarily, from his flaws, a fact which renders him both vulnerable and loathsome.  Danson’s performance captures this balance perfectly.

The flash forwards, despite being a little shaky at points, came together in an incredibly exciting manner.  If only Lost’s conclusion had been half this good.

Zeljko Ivanek

The theme song, love it.

Ellen’s arc over the season was excellent as she moves from resisting Patty’s influence only to end up just as ruthless in opposing her.

Thank God someone finally made a show about lawyers that didn’t fit the “legal drama” mold.  The closest we ever get to a courtroom is the steps and it’s the most refreshing thing I’ve seen in years.

Ray Fiske

“I Hate These People” was probably the best episode of the season, and on a show this good that’s really saying something.

The fact that Patty was responsible for the attempt on Ellen’s life was a fantastic twist.  She was a suspect all season and to have her guilt become clear an episode after her apparent exoneration was a masterstroke.

What Didn’t

The flash forwards, while positive overall, really did drag the show down in the middle episodes.

Patty’s family drama.  The whole bit with her son felt a little half baked and unrelated to all the awesomeness going on elsewhere.

Anastasia Griffith is a competent actress, but that just didn’t cut it when the rest of the cast was brilliant

I never bought the Greg/Katie romance.  Why, exactly, did these two risk so much to be together?

Tom’s night out.

Greg’s death was telegraphed the minute he pressed record.

The FBI’s involvement at the end felt  little tacked on, obviously more about setting up the next story than having anything to do with the current one.


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