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All in the game

As I’ve said time and again in theses write-ups, The Wire’s narrative creeps up on you.  It may be difficult to place exactly where the characters are in their arcs at any given time, but they are going somewhere.  That being said, this show is fundamentally about a world, and that world never changes. Continue reading

This is me yo, right here

This episode opens with the McNulty and Daniels discussing whether or not the case was worth it.  They’re talking about what happened to Kima but, for the audience, it can easily be about what happens this episode.  Continue reading

Dope on the damn table

One might expect Kima’s shooting to be a game-changer.  It’s generally safe to assume that when a main character gets shot, the others will not simply go back to their normal routine.  “The Hunt” does an excellent job playing into those expectations but, by the end, we’re reminded that this game never changes.  Continue reading

And then he dropped the bracelets

“The Cost” really gives us some of the best and worst of The Wire’s first season.  The complement sandwich seems like the best way to handle this situation and so I’ll start off by saying just how masterfully the conclusion was handled. Continue reading

Maybe we won

I’ve already discussed how The Wire’s narrative creeps up on you, but it bears repeating for this episode.  “Game Day” finds all the characters in very different places than they were in the premiere.  Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Dexter Season Five

Before I launch into my usual what worked/what didn’t break down, I’ve had a few more days to think about why I had such a big problem with the season finale.  Until now, each of Dexter’s season arcs has seen our hero going down the wrong path;  hethinks he’s found a way out of the isolation which plagues him but then realizes, whether in time (s1-3) or too late (s4), that he’s merely been serving the impulses which make him isolated and that the real path to connection is through family (Deb, Rita, the kids).  The conclusion to this season has Dexter being right the whole time which means, effectively, that he’s learned nothing. Continue reading

Come at the king, you best not miss

The Wire continues to twist our expectations this week as an escalation in the case is seen as anything but good.  What’s great about this is that there’s no suggestion that Burrell is corrupt, he’s merely outraged at the can of worms the detail has opened and insistent that it be closed.  Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Supernatural Season One

I must say that this series has turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises TV has given me in a long time.  CW is rather infamous for its schlock and the promos for Supernatural never really cast it as an exception.  I’m very pleased to have been very wrong.  Calling this show “fun” might seem to damn it with faint praise, but that’s really the best word to describe it.  There’s nothing here to blow the audience’s mind, but what is on the screen is consistently entertaining and smart enough not to be predictable. Continue reading

Wishes are for children

Well, that was… unsatisfying.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to love about “The Big One” but, after weeks of murderous intensity, the consequences for Dexter and Lumen just felt a little… inconsequential.  Continue reading

A man must have a code

“Honour among thieves” is one of the most problematic conceits in fiction.  Simply put, it’s an easy way for the audience to distinguish the “real” bad guys from those who simply operate outside the law.  The problem is that it figures all morality as an adherence to rules, even those that most people would consider immoral; real life is far more complicated than that.  Continue reading