Monthly Archives: February 2011

… we fight on that lie

Change has been the watchword of season three and while much of the finale adheres to the unbroken cycles that define this show, there is plenty of progress in evidence, you simply need to look for it in the right place.  Continue reading

We ain’t gotta dream no more, man

Astounding, simply astounding.  The Wire’s so consistently great that you risk getting desensitized to it.  Fortunately, there are episodes like “Middle Ground” to remind us what an awesome show we’re watching.  The storytelling here is incredible as we watch Stringer and Avon’s mutual betrayal unfold while similar backbiting is happening between the BPD and City Hall.  Continue reading

DVD Review: Mr. Show – The Complete Collection

Over a decade after its cancellation, Mr. Show still stands as one of the most innovative sketch-comedy series ever created.  Clever writing, a solid cast, and a refusal to ever deliver the “safe” joke are what made this series great and its focus on absurdist, rather than topical, humour is what has allowed it to age so gracefully. Continue reading

Call it a crisis of leadership

The system works?  Well… sort of.  Last week saw Cutty run up against the labyrinth of bureaucracy trying to get permits for his gym and we were reminded of just how difficult the system can make things for those simply trying to do some good.  Delegate Watkins helps grease the wheels for him and we’re left with the mixed bag of a politician that actually helps people, albeit for the sake of political points.  It’s imperfect, but it’s the best the system has ever done on this series.  Continue reading

Hey, why don’t you put that stupid book down and go outside?

Isn’t it funny how poor messaging can hurt an otherwise good idea?  Such is the case with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology’s (CSEP) new guidelines on sedentary behavior in children and youth.  No, the CSEP doesn’t include literature in their list of limit-worthy pursuits, but that’s the problem.  Rather than focusing on the pitfalls of sedentary lifestyle and the practical advice for parents trying to help their kids, the Society chose to contribute to the misguided war on television and subtitle their press release “School-aged children should limit their recreational screen time to no more than two hours per day.” Continue reading

… while you’re waiting for moments that never come

McNulty’s been a particularly big (even for him) jackass in recent episodes, and “Slapstick” kicks that up an notch further, opening with him leaving his kids home alone for “just a few hours” so he can go bang Theresa. Continue reading

Crawl, walk, then run

In my last write up I accused Bunny’s solution to the drug problem of being a half measure.  “Moral Midgetry” delivers the other half.  Having seen the season before, I knew this was coming, and I have to wonder how much that knowledge has influenced my interpretation of each episode.  I don’t think I’ve been seeing anything that isn’t in episodes themselves, and I specifically recall having a similar reaction to Bubbles’ walk the first time around, but my thoughts tie into the season-arc a little too well to be a coincidence.  It doesn’t matter too much either way, but it is something to be aware of. Continue reading

DVD Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 2

“A little less ritual and a lot more fun.”  Most fans will agree that was the line that defined BtVS’s second season.  This season gave us villains that were as fun to watch as the heroes in the form of Spike, Dru, and (most importantly) Angel.  The season arc is a straightforward metaphor for a relationship gone wrong, but the series mines it for some superb storytelling and deep characterization.  Buffy, the show and the character, came into its/her own this season, making it the perfect starting point for those looking to get into the series. Continue reading

Conscience do cost

One of the things I always appreciated about this season of The Wire is that it doesn’t sugar coat the prospect of legalizing drugs.  Yes, it’s a policy I favour personally, but I’m not naïve enough to think it’s some miracle cure for urban decay.  Fortunately, this show isn’t one to suggest that complex problems have simple answers.  Continue reading

Just a gangster, I suppose

While Stringer may not understand Marlow, Avon clearly does.  “Homecoming” finally kicks off the inevitable drug war between their crews and one gets the impression that both men are happier this way.  Continue reading