DVD Review: The Simpsons – Season 5

Fans can debate endlessly what the “best” Simpsons season is, but no one can deny that this one should be counted among the golden years.  Listing its best episodes is a bit redundant as each and everyone one of them is great.  That’s not hyperbole, the product description alone rhymes off 13 classics and doesn’t even get to “Homer Goes to College,” “Secrets of a Successful Marriage,” or “Homer the Vigilante.”  Even the Marge and Lisa episodes were great back then with “Marge on the Lam” and “Lisa vs. Malibu Stacey.”


Given how widely syndicated this show is, the extras actually provide a solid reason for investing in the boxed set.  The creators and cast are all very funny people and listening to their commentaries makes familiar episodes feel fresh.  The deleted scenes are smartly (and optionally) integrated back into the episodes and storyboards and animatics provide a wealth of insight for animation buffs.  No one could ask for more.


This series has never looked so good.  The transfer here is superb and it’s abundantly clear that no expense was spared in creating these discs.  The animated menus don’t hamper your selections and are full of enough gags and eater-eggs to actually be worth watching.

Bottom Line

The extras provide ample reason to get this set, even if you’ve seen the episodes 100 times, but every other season is equally robust. Whether or not you buy this season really depends on how many season you want to buy as, in my opinion, season 5-8 all represent the series at its most hilarious, consistent, and innovative.  If you can only afford one season then I’d suggest looking up some full episode lists and selecting your personal favourite.  You really can’t go wrong.


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