Blu-Ray Review: Lethal Weapon

Every cliché has to start somewhere, and few have a better beginning than Lethal Weapon.  The Buddy-Cop genre has been done to death, but Gibson and Glover’s chemistry as Riggs and Murtaugh still keeps this one feeling fresh and energetic.  By far the grittiest film the franchise, the first Lethal Weapon smartly relies more on good story-telling and engaging characters rather than elaborate set-pieces.  That’s not to say that this is high-drama, just that it (wisely) puts the story ahead of the eye candy.

With far fewer laughs and explosions here than in the franchise’s later films, people that didn’t start with the original may be a little disappointed.  That’s unfortunate, if understandable, but those who can appreciate the roots of the Buddy-Cop story are sure to be pleased.


“Disappointing” is an inadequate for this paltry selection.  The trailer and some production notes are little more than an insult to fans of this film.


As phoned in as the extras seem, they’ve got nothing on this transfer.   This was never a slick, glossy action movie but this disc will have you wondering if there’s something wrong with your Blu-Ray player.

Bottom Line

If you don’t already own Lethal Weapon, then this might be a worthwhile purchase.  But if you already own the DVD then this definitely isn’t worth the upgrade.  Save your money for a release that lives up to the film’s content.


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