DVD Review: Office Space

Just how funny you find the drudgery of cubicle living really depends on whether or not you’ve experienced it.  Mike Judge does a superb job capturing the banality of the everyday in an office and mining it for some unexpected and delightful humour.  Whether it’s the slavish devotion to process, the passive-aggressive bosses, or the jammed printer, it’s the fact that these things are so familiar that makes them funny.

Office Space is at its best when Peter (Ron Livingston) starts living every cubicle drone’s fantasy and simply stops working.  It’s less a plot than a collection of antics, but it’s all instantly relatable.  Problems crop up in the third act when Peter and his friends hatch a plot to embezzle company money.  The turn doesn’t really fit with the rest of the movie and the humour suffers for it.


Sadly, this disc only offers the minimum amount of Flair.  The deleted scenes are fine, and Judge’s “retrospective” is somewhat insightful, though I really would’ve appreciated a full commentary and possibly some cast interviews.


Never a feast for the eyes, the transfer here is adequate.  Given the nature of the film, there’s really no reason to choose the Blu-Ray over the DVD.

Bottom Line

Those who want a compelling plot in their comedy need to look elsewhere, but if you’re willing the find the humour in commonplace minutiae (a la Seinfeld) then there’s plenty to love here.


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