Blu-Ray Review: The Incredible Hulk

As every other review points out, this movie is nothing like Ang Lee’s ill-conceived Hulk movie.  This one is most certainly about “Hulk Smash”, and not “Hulk Brood,” containing the finest action sequences of any Marvel movie.  The final fight sequence, in which Hulk and Abomination tear through Harlem, is worth the cost of the disc alone.  It’s one of those scenes action fans will skip to when they’re looking for a quick-fix.  That isn’t to say that this is just a big dumb action flick.  Edward Norton does an excellent job as Bruce Banner, peaceful scientist and William Hurt and Tim Roth are only a few steps behind as the aging warmongers looking to exploit him.

In many ways, this could be described as The Incredible Hulk: The Series: The Movie as it captures the TV show’s melancholy vibe and sees Bruce Banner constantly fleeing his enemies and his temper.  Liv Tyler is somewhat underwhelming as Betty Ross but that doesn’t do much to limit my enjoyment of this film.


Norton’s battle with the studio over the final cut of this film was infamous and, having seen what was cut, I’ll say that he has a point.  I don’t know if the deleted scenes would’ve made this a better movie but they’re certainly worth watching.  There’s also a commentary track and some well-made making-of featurettes.


The Blu-Ray format is pretty essential for a movie that relies so heavily on CGI.  The transfer is top-drawer and your HD set will certainly earn it’s keep, particularly during Hulk’s first and last appearances.

Bottom Line

The plot and characterization are good (not great) but this movie’s action sequences are where it shines.  A treat for fans of the comic and tv series, the green goliath’s second film film really deserves a bigger audience.


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