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What we once were informs all that we have become

Love at first sight

I complained during the last trip into Angel’s past that the show doesn’t go to that well often enough.  Having now re-watched “The Prodigal,” I’ve changed my mind.  Not that this episode isn’t great, it’s among the best yet, but the rarity of these flashbacks helps accentuate their impact.  I think it’s no coincidence that both flashback episodes have been Kate-centric; as a new, peripheral, member of the Angel family, she hasn’t yet accepted his past and so it’s made doubly significant.  Unlike “Somnambulist,” that past isn’t a direct factor on the events of the present, but it is at the centre of Angel’s motivation. Continue reading


Ass-kicking makes for a solid Plan B

Still BFFs, right?

We certainly didn’t need another aside at this point in the season-arc, but I said I wasn’t going to worry about that anymore and so I’ll just consider the first of the Faith two-parter on its own merits.  And what great merits they are.  “This Year’s Girl” succeeds by both delivering on and thwarting audience expectations.  Faith is a character who most of us loved and her return holds out the tantalizing possibility of a renewed Slayer-vs-Slayer feud.  We get that, in the end, but Faith spends very little time as the antagonist and it’s these scenes that really make the episode work. Continue reading