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I Love a Gifty. I Can’t Wait to Unwrap It.

... and a nice chianti

… and a nice chianti

“Helpless” still reigns supreme as Buffy’s best forray into the truly scary, but “Same Time, Same Place” is also up there.  Which is saying a lot, considering that the horror elements only make up a slim minority of the screen time, most of which is spent exploring the mystical metaphor disconnect between Willow and the other Scoobies.  That’s fine (actually, it’s quite good) but it’s the scenes with Gnarl that loom large in my memory, which (again) is saying a lot considering how little screen time her actually gets.  It’s not just delightful ick of his skin eating (props to UPN for letting that in), it’s the whole clicking fingernails, lurking in shadows, paralysis causing, taunting his victims package.  The fact that he preys on those left alone is pretty on the nose but, like most of the time Buffy does this, it works. Continue reading


What are you, Lex Luthor?

Unlike my last 100 threats, I really mean it this time

Unlike my last 100 threats, I really mean it this time

I’ll get this out of the way early: I hate Gwen.  As in, utterly despise her.  Totally.  The character never really did anything to earn such animosity, she’s no David Nabbit.  But, without any interesting connection to the core ensemble, she’s also no Merle.  By the time a serialized drama gets to season four, new characters need to have chemistry with the people we actually came to watch.  Failing that, they’d better be utterly awesome in their own right to make up for it.  Gwen is neither of those things (she’s also also no Lorne).  Her backstory’s not bad and feisty/sexy is a successful archetype for a reason, but nothing about her is any more interesting than what’s going on elsewhere in the series.  Gwen’s a recurring character who never needed to recur. Continue reading

Everything About You is Wrong

Run Lola, Run?

Run Lola, Run?

Well, that was certainly step up on this season’s premiere, although, to be fair, “Beneath You” is another poor monster-of-the-week story but it’s elevated by Spike, Marsters’ performance in particular.  To continue being fair, there are other good things on display here; the Buffy humour’s back at the forefront (always welcome), and there’s some good interplay between all the characters, but else is what I would call exceptional. Continue reading