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Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Complete First Season

Much as I enjoy this season, I must admit that Buffys first outing should be reserved for completists.  There are certainly some pleasant surprises like Nightmares and Prophecy Girl but there are an equal number of cringe worthy episodes like *shudder* I Robot, You Jane.  The season-arc sees Buffy (Sarah Michelle-Gellar) squaring off against The Master (of vampires, played by Mark Metcalf) while trying to also lead the life of a normal teenager.  Its nothing that isnt recapped in subsequent years and those new to the show would be better served by starting with Season 2. Continue reading


Final Thoughts: BtVS Season One

Can beginnings be both humble and great?  Yes, yes they can. Continue reading

I'm sixteen years old

I may have been too hasty in declaring “Nightmares” the high point of season one, as “Prophecy Girl” is much better than I remember.  Yes, there’s nothing terribly inventive about this episode, but it’s a near-clinic in how to execute a finale. Continue reading

What, there's homework now?

BtVS really is in top form as the first season draws to a close.  “Out of Mind, Out of Sight” gives us the story of girl turned invisible (and insane) by being consistently ignored. Continue reading

I’m not afraid. You’d think I would be, but I’m not

This episode is the highpoint of Buffy’s first season (at least in my opinion).  Continue reading

Kids… I don't like 'em

Ah Snyder, how I love you, arriving like a breath of cartoonishly ill-tempered air.  Continue reading

There's a demon in the internet

Wow, that was bad. I mean really bad, as in “this was an episode that didn’t really work on any level,” bad.

Continue reading

Three unusually virile vampires

Just past the halfway mark and we get the template that will be followed for the next two and a half seasons of Buffy/Angel romance: I love you but I can’t be with you.  Continue reading

Get my books, look stuff up

There’ve been plenty of wrinkles in BtVS so far (some shaky dialogue, wooden acting, subpar effects and stunts) but “The Pack” is the first episode I’d actually call bad.  Continue reading

Plunge and move on

Meh.  Episode five centres around the responsibility vs. relationship quandary that Buffy faces.  Continue reading