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Final Thoughts: Damages Season One

“Believe the hype” is about the only thing I can say to anyone who hasn’t yet watched this series.  Tight plotting, powerhouse performances and innovative storytelling all add up to make this one of the best show’s I’ve seen in a long time. Continue reading

… but I believe in justice

Nothing this good should be called a letdown, but “Because I Know Patty” is substantially less intense than the two previous episodes.  There are still plenty of twists in the way everything plays out, but the episode falls into the trap of many season finales Continue reading

I can trust you?

Wow… again.  The flash back/forward structure of this season paid off huge in the penultimate episode.  Much of “There’s no ‘We’ Anymore” is footage we’ve seen before, but seeing it placed in its proper context is a terrific way to build tension.  Continue reading

Do the right thing

Wow.  “I Hate These People” was the finest episode of Damages thus far, which is saying a lot considering how excellent it’s been.  The conclusion was shocking, momentous, and gut-wrenching enough for this to have been the season finale Continue reading

Shame on you

Our past is inevitably defined by our present.  Damages has been playing with this idea, more or less effectively, since the premiere, framing everything in the context of its aftermath.   The set up adds weight to some moments in “Sort of Like a Family,” Continue reading

You didn’t deserve this

I’ve certainly been enjoying Damages thus far but this episode pushed the series, as a whole, above the “great” threshold.  Continue reading

I don’t want this life

Damages owes more to Lost than its use of flashbacks.  Its twists are becoming as labyrinthine as anything on that island and, while certainly intriguing, they are starting to stretch credulity.  Continue reading

Conscience is a liability

The flash forwards continue remain tight this week as the connecting moments aren’t just continuity candy, but show some serious progression for Ellen’s character. Continue reading

People need to know who I am

Wouldn’t you know it, one episode after I give an extended diatribe about what’s wrong with Damages’ flash forwards, the show delivers its best use of them since the premiere. Continue reading

Reasonable minds can prevail

Lost, when at its best, set the gold standard in television time jumps.  I say this because now seems like a good opportunity to reflect on the shortcomings of Damages’ time shifts.   Continue reading