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Final Thoughts: Dexter Season 6

The only way I’m able to reconcile myself to this season of Dexter is to consider it a waste of time. These twelve episodes were, at their unusual best, fairly entertaining and, at their regular worst, an insult to fans who’ve stuck with this series over the years. Whatever you may think of them as entertainment, there’s no denying that they didn’t actually take us anywhere. With one God-awful exception, each character ended the season in much the same place that they began it. The primary purpose of this year seems to have been to get us to where we should have been at the end of season five. It’s best to just ignore how lazy and contrived Dexter’s been recently and focus on the story telling potential of Debra knowing about Dexter. I’ll be happy to put DDK behind me after this write up. Continue reading

Is this just horribly wrong?

Daddy learned about love this season, or something

Well… I’m not quite sure how to react beyond being glad this season of Dexter is over.  “This is the Way the World Ends” wasn’t as unwatchable as last week’s episode but it’s a bit like having ice cream after five courses of crap; nothing against ice cream, but you really just want the meal to be over.  Actually, I really like ice cream, better to call this episode a mint; not “bad” per se, but far from satisfying.  The cat-and-mouse game between Dexter and Travis was good, with DDK entering Dexter’s home as the episode’s highlight.  So I could, if I felt so inclined, take this as a kill of the week with unusually high stakes and enjoy it on that level… except for the fact that the writers did everything they could to undermine what should have been the biggest moment of the series thus far.  Deb found out, and I don’t care. Continue reading

The Beginning of the End

Yes, there goes the last of our credibility

So, we’re all in agreement that was a terrible episode?  I mean, there’s nobody out there who actually enjoyed watching as Travis crossed the line from ordinary villainy into cartoon supervillainy, right?  And it’s safe to assume that everyone else was also gnashing their teeth as the writers pulled Deb’s “complex” feelings for Dex out of their collective asses?  Is there anyone out there that’s actually grown impatient with all this snark and is looking for some insight into this travesty?  I’m sorry if that’s you, but this episode has left me baffled as to who the hell this series is for. Continue reading

I guess we all tell lies about ourselves

To Dexter’s credit, “Doomsday_Adam” was introduced last week, so he didn’t exactly come out of nowhere, but his appearance still presents a pretty big leap in logic.  Are there psychos out there who’re ready to move from vlogging to homicide with nothing more than a five minute pep-talk from Colin Hanks?  Sure.  Are two such psychos married, living in Miami, and fans of this particular religious nut?  I have my doubts but, to Dexter’s credit(?), it’s been prepping us for the absurdist procedural all season.  But I’ve complained enough about old episodes, let’s focus on what was wrong with this one. Continue reading

Stay behind me

First off, sorry for the delayed post, real life simply took precedence over this increasingly mediocre series.  Having now watched “Get Gellar,” I’m happy to say I didn’t miss much.  Yes, as everyone who was paying attention should’ve realized, Travis is crazy and Gellar’s his Dark Passenger in every sense of the word.  This episode provides a perfect example of what’s wrong with Dexter these days; rock-bottom expectations of the audience.  I’ve written extensively that great fiction makes demands of its audience, insisting on greater investment in order to yield greater payoffs.  Dexter’s become determined to serve things up to the audience on a silver platter and bafflingly confident that no one cares enough to ask a few basic questions. Continue reading

I like mundane

All due respect to Mr. Checker (though none for Mr. Ballard), but a twist is only as good as the show that surrounds it.  Don’t get me wrong, a good twist is one exciting thing to witness; not only surprising and delighting in its own right, but re-contextualizing all the action that’s come before it.  But a clumsy, obvious twist is a bit like a train wreck without the fascination; horrific in its own right and, if you’re not careful, leaving a swath of collateral damage behind it.  Wise DJs will make the twist just one dance among many; if it goes well, great; if not, then there’s still lots of other fun to be had.  While the Dexter writing room has proven itself devoid of any van Buurens this season, this episode may prove that there are a few Jazzy Jeff’s in there struggling against the din. Continue reading

I’ve been lost before

The main reason I’m so critical of Dexter is because, despite its many flaws, the series still has the capacity for greatness.  “Nebraska” is a case in point as Dexter’s road trip proves to be one of the best stories it’s ever given us.  Brian’s presence brings back the tension that’s been missing this season as we wonder just how unhinged Dex will become.  An opportunity to bring some edge back to our protagonist lets Michael C. Hall do some of his finest work and Christian Camargo makes for the perfect wingman.  The only flaw with this story is that it’s a small part of Dexter’s wider narrative and concludes with a return to the mediocre status-quo. Continue reading

“What ifs” are a waste of time

Ok… now we’re talking.  I was ready to write “Just Let Go” off as yet another empty, contrived “lesson” that wouldn’t really change anything and then, bam! we get an ending that defies the lazy, predictable series this has become and offers shades of the show it once was.  I actually used “shades” unthinkingly but, now that it’s on the page, Brian!  Sweet, beautiful, evil, creepy-without-the-gore Brian!  While Dexter murdering Nick surprised me, the return of the Ice Truck Killer is what sold me on the episode and has me somehow, miraculously excited about the rest of the season. Continue reading

We all have a light inside of us

Brother Sam’s conversation with Dexter “The Angel of Death” illuminates (pun intended) both the best and the worst that the series has to offer.  All this talk of passing light onto one’s children comes in the context of both the twisted parallels between Harry/Dexter and Gellar/Travis and Harrison’s obvious desensitization to death.  It’s tempting to fall back on my usual doubts about this series’ ability to pay such ideas off, but this was actually well executed enough that I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.  The only problem is… why the hell did this conversation even happen?  Continue reading

You’re kidding yourself

First off, let me say that this episode was much better than the season’s first two.  “Smokey and the Bandit” gave us a monster of the week that actually had something to teach Dexter, a conceit that’s been sorely missed since season four.  Not that Walter Kenny’s lesson wasn’t something Dexter already kinda-sorta learned in… season four, but it was still good for the writers to give us some reason for the kill scene beyond the fact that we all enjoy a good kill scene. Continue reading