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Final Thoughts: Lost Season 6

My incessant thinking about how the end of Lost could’ve been better is beginning to border on fan fiction.  The threat of reaching an even higher level of geekdom is enough to reign me in and I will make only one more statement about how things “should’ve” been Continue reading

Everything that happens matters

Really Jack?  I can think of any number of things about this finale, season six, and Lost as a whole that didn’t matter.  Continue reading

He doesn't get to save his daughter

Oh Ben, thank you for proving you’re still the biggest badass on the island.  Michael Emerson also earns top marks in LA X, though for opposite reasons, in an episode that otherwise embodied the “ok” assessment.  Continue reading

Every question I answer will simply lead to another question

Objectively, “Across The Sea” is a great episode.  Lost’s roots are in revealing surprising and insightful backgrounds for its characters and the Jacob/MiB origin is no exception.  That said, Continue reading

Feels like we're running in circles


“The Candidate” could best be described as a really big episode with some really big flaws.  Continue reading

We're done goin' back

“Momentous” seems to be the best word to describe this episode.  Too much of Lost involves characters talking things over while moving across the island, but “The Last Recruit” felt different.  Perhaps it’s because everybody decided to make their move this week, Continue reading

Gimme a bucket, family size

Whoa.  Much as I’ve been enjoying this season of Lost, it hasn’t had much in the way of big shocks.  Continue reading

There's always a choice, Brotha

“Happily Ever After” continues Desmond’s perfect record of stellar episodes and had me forgetting the mediocrity of last week within the first moments. Continue reading

I don't like secrets

After the heights of last week, it’s almost necessary that this week allow us to exhale.  That being said, this Jin/Sun story still felt inconsequential.  Continue reading

Richard doesn't have any answers

At the end of this episode I found myself pleasantly surprised by how engaging Richard’s story was while being disappointed in how little it answered.  Having had a night to sleep on it Continue reading