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Final Thoughts: Sherlock Series Two

“Ambitious” is the best word to describe Sherlock’s second series.  With the writing, acting, and direction all refined in series one, this show could easily have phoned in a B+ each week and called it a day.  But the creators clearly weren’t willing to settle for “very good” and aimed for greatness, consistently challenging our understanding of what this show could be.  They often fell short of their goals, sometimes due the sheer scope of what they were attempting and sometimes due to their own baffling choices, but they invariably exceeded expectations.  “Awesome” is the second best word to describe this series. Continue reading

I Owe You a Fall

What delusions of grandeur?

What delusions of grandeur?

Much like the first one, Sherlock’s second season finale is a fantastic hour of television that delivers excitement and drama while defying expectations.  Also like the first season finale, “The Reichenbach Fall” makes a frustrating stumble in its final moments.  As usual, I can’t really call this episode a failure, even as it can’t properly execute the most important part of the story; what precedes the climax is just too entertaining.  What’s more, this failure is of the best sort, being a results of reaching too high rather than too low.  Once again, this series painted Sherlock into a seemingly impossible corner and, once again, it did such a good job that there really wasn’t a satisfying way for him to get out of it. Continue reading

I am a Showoff, That’s What We Do

Yes, the show can pull off shots like this

Yes, the show can pull off shots like this

Sherlock continues to impress in its consistent refusal to rest on its laurels.  It’s weird to talk about pushing the envelope when that’s what this series seems to do everytime, but “The Hounds of the Baskervilles” is particularly unexpected.  Where previous episodes have stretched the limits of what we can expect from a procedural, this one departs from the genre entirely, making a more than successful foray into the realm of sci-fi horror.  Fun as the the genre bending is, its more than mere window dressing as the surreal nature of the case is used to test the limits of Holmes’ self confidence and his relationship with Watson. Continue reading

People Want to Know That You’re Human

It's all about the hat

It’s all about the hat

This episode has a lousy beginning.  It also has a lousy ending.  In fact, these two things are so bad here that they’d make me write off any episode of television.  But this wasn’t just any episode of television.  For the rest of its running time “A Scandal in Belgravia” is nothing short of astonishing, so much so that that I’ll continue to call it great even as it utterly fails at the two most important most important pieces of any story.  This episode really does have everything; humour, tension, twists, and genuine emotion.  It’s also the most refreshing use of the procedural formula that I’ve ever seen. Continue reading