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Final Thoughts: Supernatural Season One

I must say that this series has turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises TV has given me in a long time.  CW is rather infamous for its schlock and the promos for Supernatural never really cast it as an exception.  I’m very pleased to have been very wrong.  Calling this show “fun” might seem to damn it with faint praise, but that’s really the best word to describe it.  There’s nothing here to blow the audience’s mind, but what is on the screen is consistently entertaining and smart enough not to be predictable. Continue reading


Now Leaving Salvation

The special genius of season one’s penultimate episode is in using the exact conflict we were all expecting as a cover for setting up the real climax.  Continue reading

All I saw was evil, everywhere

“Dead Man’s Blood” makes some welcome expansions to the Supernatural universe, introducing both vampires and other demon hunters.  Continue reading

You guys crime buffs?

The problem in a show with few layers is that you have a hard time finding new things to love.  “Provenance” has all the hallmarks of a good Supernatural episode; compelling mystery, creepy villain, solid humour, etc, but these things just aren’t as shiny as they once were Continue reading

Brockway… Ogdenville… North Haverbrook

Supernatural’s seen a lot of Sam projecting his childhood baggage on the kids he encounters, and they didn’t really get it right until “Nightmare.”  “Something Wicked” marks Dean’s second foray into this pattern and he’ll obviously need a few more attempts to bring it up to that level.  Continue reading

What would Buffy do?

After the whupping our boys took last week it was nice to see them back to kicking ghostly ass in “Hell House.”  For anyone left with lingering doubts about their hunting prowess we get the flattering comparison to “Spangler” and “Zedmore,” two would be ghost-hunters who make up for ineffectualness with golden comic relief.  Continue reading

For love and loyalty

There was a very predictable way to tell the “Meg vs the Winchesters” story.  Tales of evil hot girls almost invariably follow the path of seduction, betrayal, violence, victory, lessons learned.  “Shadow” does not give us such a story.  Continue reading

With people there’s just crazy

“Unfortunate” is about the best word I can think of to describe Supernatural’s first foray into non-supernatural villains.  I appreciate that the show hasn’t limited itself to demons, spirits, etc as it allows for a much broader range of horror stories to draw upon, but Continue reading

Thank God we had dad

Damn it Supernatural, why do you always have to go and ruin things?  Not that “Nightmare” is completely ruined by the Winchester heart to heart, but this on-the-nose speechifying did cost the episode its “A.” Continue reading

We do what we do and we shut up about it

I said last week that I would start trying to take Supernatural one episode at a time.  Having done so, I can say with confidence that “Route 666” is one bad episode. Continue reading