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The human part… that doesn’t come back

The last episode of the first season of The Walking Dead is interesting fodder for viewers who enjoy a philosophical discussion about life (Is this a life?  What makes us human? Are humans merely the sum of their decisions?  Is there something more?).  Continue reading

You had this coming

First off, I’d like to apologize for my absence the last couple of weeks.  I have a good excuse however: I got married.  In other news, the holidays took over my life and it’s only now beginning to be return to normalcy.  In any case, I think that it’s time to get back to the zombies and to ripping apart Walking Dead’s plot line, etc.  Good times.  🙂 Continue reading

No crying in the boat

This episode was another example of how much this series kicks butt.  It was thought-provoking, full of action (in unexpected and expected ways), intriguing character turns, and some of the best use of contrast I’ve seen. Continue reading

I ain’t never going to beg you!

This episode blew my mind.  For the first time in a long time while watching the tube, I stared at the TV and thought “Holy CRAP! That was AWESOME”. Continue reading

…everybody knows their jobs

Woah.  Not everyone likes sex with their zombies, but I have to say that this was an intense beginning of this week’s episode.  Besides the obvious correlation between the “little death” of orgasm and the real threat of death that faces the “base camp” of humans on the edge of Atlanta and the wilderness, Laurie and Shane’s tumble in the woods also proves how animal-like humans can become when faced with the harsh realities of a world where there may be no morning.  Continue reading

… the ones that walk

I am not one of those who think that adherence to the source material as a measure of quality.  An adaptation is just that, a work changed to fit a new medium; we should be concerned with see the best possible story, not with seeing the same old story reflected.  That said, I can’t help but be excited by how much The Walking Dead premiere, “Days Gone By,” felt like an issue of the comic. Continue reading