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Business, always business

Season two ends in much the same way that season one does, with a montage exploring the fallout from this year’s case.  And, much like last year, little has changed or, rather, the wrong things have.  Continue reading


I need to get clean

So, was that a redemptive episode or not?  My enjoyment of Frank’s character makes me predisposed to forgive him, but the facts don’t support such a simple conclusion.  Continue reading

It pays to go with the union card every time

Wallace’s death last season was as brilliant as it was tragic.  Beyond the trauma of watching a young, likeable character get gunned down, we had to assess the killing as a twisted rite of passage for Bodie and Poot, a decision all the more horrific for being necessary.  This season’s tragic murder Continue reading

The world is a smaller place now

If “Duck and Cover” was about the characters asserting their identities, “Stray Rounds” is a firm reminder that circumstance is still the master of their fate.  Continue reading

How come they don’t fly away?

After all the plot advancement in the last couple of episodes, “Duck and Cover” gives us some defining character moments.  “Defining” may be a bit misleading, as none of these choices seem terribly pivotal, but the way the characters respond to the various challenges here is much more about who they are than it is about what they do.  Continue reading

Don’t worry kid, you’re still on the clock

Backwash” sees both the writers and the cast firing on all cylinders as all the plots take a big step forward.  It’s odd to call The Wire slow when so many plots start bearing fruit all at once: Continue reading

It doesn’t matter that some fool say he different

Oh D’Angelo, you sealed your fate the moment you came to terms with your past.  I’m not one of those people who objects to the death of a beloved character merely on the grounds that we won’t get to enjoy them anymore; characters can and should die when the story warrants it.  Was that the case here?  Yes and no.  Continue reading

They used to make steel there, no?

The comedy quotient of season two was definitely upped with “Undertow.”  Humor’s probably more difficult to execute within the realistic framework this series has created, but this episode was really consistent with the chuckles. Continue reading

If I hear the music, I’m gonna dance

For all its devotion to the seamless narrative, The Wire does have some moments that shine on their own.  “Hard Cases” contains a couple of these, the first being the circular pans between Kima, Cheryl, Cedric, and Marla.  It’s a nice piece of comedy that encapsulates some lovers quarrels we didn’t really need to see anyway.  Continue reading

What they need is a union

Hurray, the band’s getting back together… soon.  Three episodes (25%) into the season and we finally get the indication that the detail will be reforming.  Faced with this, it’s hard to deny that The Wire is “slow,” although I think that criticism misses the point.  If this were a standard cop show then this would be a very slow start, but it isn’t and it’s not.  Continue reading