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The X-Files: The Complete First Season

One of the most impressive things about The X-Files is how good it was right out of the gate.  That famous Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) chemistry was there right from the beginning as the two FBI Agents investigated various paranormal phenomenon across the country.  There are certainly some growing pains here, mostly with the mythology episodes, but the stand-alone stories hit the mark far more often than not. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: The X-Files Season One

The quality of the first season of The X-Files varied greatly from episode to episode, which isn’t surprising for an anthology series.  Given how different the show was each week, it’s difficult to identify broad trends; the highest highs and lowest lows were mostly isolated to individual episodes.  Nonetheless, there are some elements that elevated this show even when the CoW was tanking, and others that just seemed to weigh it down at every opportunity.

Continue reading

Trust No One

I’ve had some difficulty getting into mythology driven episodes throughout the first season of The X-Files but, for the most part, I think I’ve been successful in just sitting back and enjoying the ride on the road to nowhere.   Continue reading

People die… and they’re not supposed to come back

Season one’s penultimate episode is decent one, elevated by some great acting but bogged down by some plot holes.   Continue reading

Sometimes she frightens me

I’ve mentioned before that The X-Files’ chief strength is its movie-of-the-week feel and after getting a sequel and a remake over the past two weeks “Born Again” feels like a breath of fresh air.   Continue reading

Unorthodox methods of investigation

Ugh, ever get roped into watching the sequel to a crappy movie?  That’s about what watching “Tooms” felt like to me.  I don’t feel too bad about my failure to keep an open mind though as this episode was pretty ridiculous in its own right Continue reading

I’m going to suggest we sleep with the lights on

“Darkness Falls” is a great episode significantly hampered by how closely it resembles “Ice.”  To highlight the differences Continue reading

So long as it’s not “Spooky Fox”

“Shapes” is great example of tired conceits and predictable plotting being made up for by good characters and solid execution. Continue reading

The boy’s been a bit troubled of late

Faith healing would seem to be ample fruit for a series with the tag line “I want to believe” and, to be fair, they do try to tie the plot into Mulder’s faith, but that tie-in’s no more profound than Continue reading

I’m wondering which lie to believe

“E.B.E.” gets it right as far as mythology episodes go.  It’s the kind of thing The X-Files did so well in its early years: downed UFOs, alien rescue missions, and lies within lies within truths within lies…  It’s all about the questions and not the answers Continue reading