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I wrote a song, bitches!

And I’m finally writing another blog post…umm….people.  Yeah!

This episode was about the fun, fun world of second chances and those who take them or throw them away.  Continue reading

Do you wanna talk about it?

This just might be my favourite episode of Treme yet!  I think what fascinated me most about it was the conversation and lack of conversation between many of the characters.  Once again, what became most telling were the silences; this is good stuff.  I’m really enjoying the loud silences and the quiet conversations. Let’s break it down: Continue reading

Fools making it up as they go along

This episode of Treme was particularly heavy and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  One comment I’ve found on a number of tv related blogs is that the pacing was too fast to give the proper amount of focus to the more serious elements.  I tend to agree.  It seemed like we were in for another character building episode of fast-paced scenes, when all of a sudden, we have a normal-paced rape-scenario.  Let’s talk about that, shall we? Continue reading

Antoine Batiste and the Soul Apostles

Besides the fact that the above just might be the greatest band name since *someone* came up with “Militant Turtles” during a night of heavy something-something, this was another great character-building episode of Treme.  Nothing major occurs, but we do learn about more about the motivation of the people. Continue reading

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

It’s spring again and, in my house, that means Treme is back!  This is a very good thing, because I’ve missed the soundtrack and the characters.  I’ve decided that, in doing these reviews, I’m not going to formally retrace what happened last season; I’m going to assume that you, having decided to read a blog on the second season of a show, will have watched the first.  Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Treme Season One

Coming off The Wire, my expectations for Treme were impossibly high, a fact somewhat mitigated by knowing that they were impossibly high.  Continue reading

Just give me one day

Some critics have complained that there were no real surprises in “I’ll Fly Away,” but that wasn’t really the point.  While there were still some moments we were waiting for, the season’s climax was, effectively, last week.  Continue reading

They're just moments

Treme has rarely blown me away in its first season.  That’s not a defect; the show’s been consistently engrossing but it’s built on captivating little moments rather than astonishing big ones.  But, when it does go for the jugular, it nails it.  Continue reading

A dream of what used to be

Like most people, I was expecting Treme to conclude with Mardi Gras; it seemed only natural that a show with a city as the central character end on its most important day.  With Fat Tuesday Continue reading

Our own worst enemy

Treme swung for the fences this week and delivered one of its best episodes to date.  I complained last week that the big dramatic moments didn’t have room to breathe, and Simon continues the “quick glimpse” style here, but Continue reading