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Final Thoughts: Veronica Mars Season One

Well, here we are, at long last.  As should’ve been obvious from my reviews, my enjoyment of this series varied greatly.  How does it stack up in retrospect?  Its most frustrating aspect is unrealized potential, and it’s not fair to criticize a show for what it isn’t.  On the other hand, when a steakhouse serves you a burger it’s natural to feel a little put out. Continue reading

Who’s your daddy?

Me, that’s who; on account of I totally called it.  Those doubting my genius can see my suspicions were first aroused here and confirmed last week.  My certainty about who the killer is did hurt the episode, but only slightly.   Continue reading

It's the rectangle with the knob

Great ideas, flawed execution.  The answer to “Who raped Veronica?” was, at the end of the day, a cop out.  That being said, the investigation itself and the final twist were inventive enough to almost make up for it. Continue reading

Mutually Assured Destruction

Shit or get off the pot already.  Seriously, whatever virtues this episode may have had were overridden by my desire to see some momentum on the Lilly Kane case Continue reading

Don't make me wake up a judge

I really should start tracking who’s writing which episode of Veronica Mars, it might help me anticipate the shifts in quality.  “Hot Dogs” puts the series back on the upswing, a move as jarring as it is welcome. Continue reading

Failure is not an option

Not quite an “F,” but damned close.  I’ve said it before and now I must say it again; Veronica Mars has some serious problems with tone. Continue reading

Wherever rich people disappear to

Finally!  Technically, all the progress made on the Lilly Kane case this week was undone by the massive setback that occurred at the climax.  But Continue reading

That’s this close to takin’ your attractive cousin to the prom

Wow, you know the show’s getting better when Weevil gets a laugh, Veronica and Wallace interact on a human level and somehow, miraculously, the story of the kidnapped school mascot actually works.  Continue reading

I'll kick your ass if you don't Wang Chung!

Ah, now that was fun.  “Ruskie Business” isn’t quite the melding of episodic and serialized plots I’ve been hoping for, but the case-of-the-week did nicely dovetail into the season arc and was a nice ride to boot.  Continue reading

Don't go blue in the face

This was a good episode all ‘round, although the ending was a little predictable.  I was expecting some more Veronica/Keith goodness from the “Mars vs Mars” title, but that aspect felt a little buried in all that was going on here.  Continue reading