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It’s Not My Kind of Work Anymore

Angel sure can use a friend

Angel sure can use a friend

I heard somewhere (the director’s commentary?) that the original plan was for Lorne to sing “Over the Rainbow” during his “last day” segment but it fell through due to rights/money issues.  Much as I appreciate the bittersweet second choice of “If I Ruled the World,” I can’t help but bemoan how perfect the first option would’ve been.  Season two’s final arc is one best forgotten, but callbacks are always welcome in finales and, much as we might’ve hated it, Pylea was the most extended concentrated look at Lorne we’ve ever received.  More importantly, the song would’ve brought home the most important element of Lorne’s character:  for him, our world is OZ; a wondrous, magical place where anything can happen.  Earth offers Lorne more than he ever dreamed possible, a fact that goes a long way to explaining his sunny disposition and near-bottomless tolerance.  Contrasted with this, his exit from the series is all the more tragic and enough to make me hate Angel just a little. Continue reading


Lorne Told You to Pee All Over the Office?

Still better than Bana

Still better than Bana

Five episodes in and this seasons still firing on all cylinders as it delivers Lorne’s best outing.  That might not sound like much as his only other spotlight episode wasn’t that great but “Life of the Party” is an excellent episode, evoking the sort of anarchic Halloween special vibe of classic Buffy but rooting it solidly in Angel’s corner of the universe.  Fun costumes abound as Lorne’s inverted empathy has everyone stepping outside themselves, but the best one is worn by the Host himself.  Lorne’s not nearly as comfortable at W&H has he’s pretended to be and while everyone else just has to deal with some embarrassment, he’s falling apart. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Angel Season Two

Far stronger than season one, Angel’s sophomore outing suffered only from the fact that the good times didn’t last.  The 3/4 season arc ranged from very good to superb, pushing our hero to surprisingly dark places before bringing him… not “back” but to a new place.  Angel may have found itself at the end of season one, but this was the one that truly capitalized on that sense of purpose. Continue reading

Pointless and Deadly?

The best part of the episode

Much as I love to see Lorne getting pushed into the spotlight, now was not the time for “Happy Anniversary.”  Angel’s supposed to be in brood-overdrive at this point and enmeshing him in a buddy-comedy with The Host only undermines that.  I can see the logic behind decision; give Angel someone other than his old crew to play off of and make that person a ball of sunshine to undercut his gloom, it’ll force him to second-guess the choices he’s made.  The issue is that we didn’t need him to start second-guessing himself just yet.  I may be falling into the trap of criticizing the show for what it isn’t, but Angel’s serialized trek into the abyss has been a lot of fun to watch and I don’t think it needed to take a break for this case-of-the week. Continue reading