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DVD Review: Office Space

Just how funny you find the drudgery of cubicle living really depends on whether or not you’ve experienced it.  Mike Judge does a superb job capturing the banality of the everyday in an office and mining it for some unexpected and delightful humour.  Whether it’s the slavish devotion to process, the passive-aggressive bosses, or the jammed printer, it’s the fact that these things are so familiar that makes them funny. Continue reading


DVD Review: Taken

As has been pointed out in nearly every review, Liam Neeson’s performance is what elevates this otherwise average action flick into something truly thrilling.  Enraged, ruthless, and superhumanly competent, Bryan Mills could easily have been portrayed Vam Dam back in the day, but Neeson’s able to keep all that intensity relatable.  The action’s all very well executed here, but it’s far more enjoyable with a character we actually care about. Continue reading

Blu-Ray Review: Lethal Weapon

Every cliché has to start somewhere, and few have a better beginning than Lethal Weapon.  The Buddy-Cop genre has been done to death, but Gibson and Glover’s chemistry as Riggs and Murtaugh still keeps this one feeling fresh and energetic.  By far the grittiest film the franchise, the first Lethal Weapon smartly relies more on good story-telling and engaging characters rather than elaborate set-pieces.  That’s not to say that this is high-drama, just that it (wisely) puts the story ahead of the eye candy. Continue reading

DVD Review: The Matador

Wanna watch Pierce Brosnan send up his own performance as James Bond?  Actually, this off beat buddy-comedy has a lot more going for it than that, with a quirky and original story and good performances all around, but its leading man does deserve special attention.  Julian Noble’s libido isn’t sexy, it’s sleazy; his alcoholism isn’t cool, it’s sad; and his profession most certainly doesn’t make him a hero.  And yet, despite all this, Brosnan makes us connect with Julian in a way we never could with James, definitely the best work of his career. Continue reading

DVD Review: The Simpsons – Season 8

“Best” is a difficult term to apply when a series delivered such consistent excellence for so many years, but it sounds so much bolder than “Personal Favourite.”  The eighth season of The Simpsons represents the series at its most hilarious, smart and innovative.  To those in doubt I’ll point out that this is the season that gave us Hank Scorpio, Frank Grimes, Poochie, and Mr. Sparkle; Ned loses his house, Burns loses his fortune, and Skinner loses his virginity; Homer becomes a boxer, Bart works in a burlesque house, and Marge gets mobbed up… I could mention every episode here and not hit a bad one. Continue reading

DVD Review: Angel Season 1

The first season of most shows involves a bit of trial and error, but Angel’s beginning really seemed to be mostly error. Where Buffy seamlessly blended genres from the get-go, Angel outright changed genres from episode to episode, or even from scene to scene. The end result is jarring and leaves the characters and plotting feeling directionless. Most of the episodes are just plain bad and some, like ‘She’ and ‘Eternity,’ are unwatchable. The show eventually clicks in the final few episodes when Angel’s mission becomes clarified as saving himself through others.  Continue reading

DVD Review – Trailer Park Boys: Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys

Fans should be pleased that this episode is finally out on DVD.  Aired as a special one year after the season seven finale, “Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys” is a vastly superior sendoff for the boys than the atrocious 2nd film.  Some people may object to its undermining the feel good ending of the series, but most should appreciate the old school vibe as Lahey returns to being a credible antagonist and the boys pin all their hopes on an ill-advised crime. Continue reading

DVD Review – The Blue Planet: Seas of Life

Five years before Planet Earth there was The Blue Planet: Seas of Life.  Few would deny that the latter series is the better, but that doesn’t make this one any less fascinating.  The footage is as spectacular as it is unique and many of the episodes, particularly “The Deep,” capture creatures and behavior never before seen on film.  “Limiting” the series to the water in no way diminishes the scope or variety of this series as it takes us on a fascinating journey across 71% of our planet’s surface. Continue reading

DVD Review: Mr. Show – The Complete Collection

Over a decade after its cancellation, Mr. Show still stands as one of the most innovative sketch-comedy series ever created.  Clever writing, a solid cast, and a refusal to ever deliver the “safe” joke are what made this series great and its focus on absurdist, rather than topical, humour is what has allowed it to age so gracefully. Continue reading

DVD Review: Dexter: The First Season

Everyone knows that Dexter features a serial killer who only preys on other killers, but what it’s “about” is much more than that.  This series gives us one of the most troubling, complex looks at morality on television and, for my money, the first season does it better than any other.  Subsequent years would see improvements in acting, writing, etc., but I dare anyone to find tighter plotting or character development over twelve episodes. Continue reading