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Evil Angel would never have worn those pants

That’ll keep you from flouting established canon

Did I call “She” the worst episode ever?  That judgment still stands, but “Eternity” does make a worthy run for the cup and leaves me yearning for the relative fun and coherence of “The Ring.”  There’s an awful lot to hate about this episode, but I’ll focus the outrage-inducing departure from established mythology.  Angel is good because he has a soul. He loses his soul when/if he experiences a moment of perfect happiness.  So, the euphoria of drug use qualifies as perfect happiness?  Okaaay, that’s a big stretch, but I’ll bite… except why does Angel regain his soul once the drugs wear off?  The curse is pretty specific about the whole “moment” thing, there’s nothing there about the soul returning when he gets cranky.  I’m pretty sure that’s backed up by the fact that Angelus didn’t spend season two is some sort of euphoric orgy. Continue reading