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Final Thoughts – Buffy Season Seven

I’ve never been so tempted to sugarcoat a review. My memories of this show are so great that it just feels wrong to end things on a down note.  I’ll have something to say about the series as a whole next week, but this is the last time I’ll be reviewing a particular season and I must admit that it simply isn’t good.  Not, “not good for Buffy,” but just plain not good.  There are still some great elements here and plenty to enjoy on a selective rewatch but the parts of the series I loved had to compete for scarce screentime with too many that I didn’t.  It’s still Buffy, and I can’t really say that I hate it but, as a season of television, it fails. Continue reading

Final Thoughts – Angel Season Four

The success of Angel‘s fourth season rests squarely on the strength of its season arc.  That’s somewhat strange to say when so many of the season’s fault can also be pinned on that arc.  Or perhaps not.  Far more than any of Angel’s other seasons, this one focused on telling a unified story.  A challenging, dark, EPIC story.  This allowed plot, theme, and character to all yield big payoffs as they capitalised on what came before.  It also meant that things weren’t pretty anytime this narrative behemoth stumbled.  In my opinion,  the successes of this seasons far outnumbered its failures, making it one of Angel‘s best. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Angel Season 3

For the third season in a row I’m struck by the fact Angel would’ve been better served by a cable-length run.  Not that there weren’t more than 12 to 13 good episodes this year, but there were probably only 12 to 13 essential ones.  Angel just never seemed to be as good as Buffy at transitioning between the episodic and the serialize and the season-arc suffered anytime attention strayed away from.  That said, the non-essential episodes of this season were still (for the most part) very entertaining and I’ll certainly say this this was Angel’s best season so far. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: BtVS Season 6

I’m a big fan of Buffy’s sixth season but, having now finished reviewing it, I can understand why many people don’t like it.  This isn’t the series it once was.  That’s not a bad thing, as shows need to evolve in order to keep from becoming redundant, but the series did (for the most part) lose that “comfort food” appeal of long running television.  In exchange, we got a darker, more introspective version of Buffy.  Whether or not you think that the trade was worth it is really a matter of personal preference. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Sherlock Series Two

“Ambitious” is the best word to describe Sherlock’s second series.  With the writing, acting, and direction all refined in series one, this show could easily have phoned in a B+ each week and called it a day.  But the creators clearly weren’t willing to settle for “very good” and aimed for greatness, consistently challenging our understanding of what this show could be.  They often fell short of their goals, sometimes due the sheer scope of what they were attempting and sometimes due to their own baffling choices, but they invariably exceeded expectations.  “Awesome” is the second best word to describe this series. Continue reading

Final Thoughts – Sherlock Series One

It feels a bit odd to be summing things up after only three episodes but that’s how the Brits roll.  Like a lot of British television, Sherlock plays more like a series of mini-movies that a serialized drama.  That’s not a bad thing, as the show delivered three good to great stories, but it does prevent the series from building on itself in any significant way.  The cliffhanger finale seems somewhat out of place in this context, as there’s been no emotional build up to accompany it. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Dexter Season Three

I had originally set out to defend what I thought was an underrated season against its detractors but, having now finished, I must say that Dexter’s third season isn’t as good as I remember.  While many of its component parts were strong, they never really came together the way they needed to.  At it’s best, this season was still great but, at it’s worst, it exhibited many of the flaws that would derail the series in years to come. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Angel Season Two

Far stronger than season one, Angel’s sophomore outing suffered only from the fact that the good times didn’t last.  The 3/4 season arc ranged from very good to superb, pushing our hero to surprisingly dark places before bringing him… not “back” but to a new place.  Angel may have found itself at the end of season one, but this was the one that truly capitalized on that sense of purpose. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Five

Buffy’s fifth season represents a return to form, with a rebalanced Sooby Team, a tight season arc, a compelling (and amusing) villain, and some of the best one-off episodes the series has to offer.  For better or worse, the show would shift gears in season six but, for my money, this year was about as good as the old formula got; thoroughly confident about what worked while self-aware enough not to grow tiresome. Continue reading

Final Thoughts: Damages Season 3

This was definitely the weakest season of Damages thus far.  While still a very good show in most respects, the series seldom reached the heights that characterized its first two years.  The finale was the only episode I’d consider up to past standards, and it did a lot to redeem what came before, but there were still too many stretches along the way when I wasn’t particularly interested in what was going on. Continue reading