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What If You Found Out That None of it Matters?

Vampires don't provide as much security as you'd think

Vampires don’t provide as much security as you’d think

I’ve said for most of Angel’s run that Charles Gunn was a good character in need of a good story.  Ever the valuable supporting playing, he also invariably stumbled anytime the spotlight found him.  I’d say “careful what you wish for,” but Gunn’s pain this season is our gain.  Like most great stories (and great Whedon stories in particular), Gunn’s involves making the protagonist suffer; not that Gunn hadn’t suffered before, but a vamped sister we never knew and a failed relationship we never cared about weren’t the most resonant of threads.  All of the “just the muscle” whining finally paid big dividends this season and it was fitting that the finale brought the character back to his roots. Continue reading