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It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

It’s spring again and, in my house, that means Treme is back!  This is a very good thing, because I’ve missed the soundtrack and the characters.  I’ve decided that, in doing these reviews, I’m not going to formally retrace what happened last season; I’m going to assume that you, having decided to read a blog on the second season of a show, will have watched the first.  Continue reading

Just give me one day

Some critics have complained that there were no real surprises in “I’ll Fly Away,” but that wasn’t really the point.  While there were still some moments we were waiting for, the season’s climax was, effectively, last week.  Continue reading

Our own worst enemy

Treme swung for the fences this week and delivered one of its best episodes to date.  I complained last week that the big dramatic moments didn’t have room to breathe, and Simon continues the “quick glimpse” style here, but Continue reading

Welcome to the city that care forgot

You need to watch Treme.  David Simon’s follow up to The Wire may lack the crime and corruption that characterized his masterpiece but, for me at least, that series was less a new (and awesome) spin on cops and robbers Continue reading