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Dragons Happened

Where are we supposed to be looking?

Can Tywin and Arya get their own spinoff?  Not really… but really?  I guess that by this point I shouldn’t be surprised by how much juice this series is able squeeze out of the various character dynamics.  Most shows are lucky to get one or two pairings that really work, but Game of Thrones seems to strike gold every time it shuffles the deck.  Beyond the awesome of Tywin and Arya, “A Man Without Honor” has Cersei and Tyrion prove they can be just as fun commiserating as they can sniping, and Jon Snow finally finds someone to make him interesting. Continue reading


Fear is for the Winter

It’s at this point that I must admit that having read the books may be a serious obstacle to effectively reviewing Game of Thrones.  There was really no part of “Lord Snow” that didn’t work and the acting, writing, and production values of this show continue to equal or surpass anything else on television.  And yet, much as I enjoyed all of this, I was never really wowed and I think it’s because I was never surprised.  I’m delighted with how true this series is staying to the novels, but I have a strong suspicion that I’m under-appreciating what a unique achievement it is in the medium.  Continue reading