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No law at all in Deadwood… is that true?

My money's on Montana

My money’s on Montana

Deadwood has long held the title as my favourite series that I haven’t finished yet.  I watched the first two seasons back in my days of extralegal downloading before realising that it was simply too good to watch in anything less than sterling quality.  5 years later I finally have the blu-rays in hand and I’m ready to give this series the attention it deserves.  Of course, the side effect of so much anticipation is to put the show on a pedestal.  My memories of this show are all jaw dropping brilliance and the premiere doesn’t quite qualify.  I know that’s more unfair expectations on my part than any deficiencies on its, but it’s still hard to judge just how effectively it draws us into this world when I’m left feeling slightly dissatisfied. Continue reading


It Matters, Who I Am

I've finally got my van just the way I want it

I’ve finally got my van just the way I want it

“Whedon-Light” would likely be the best way to describe Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (note that I’ll be referring to be by its original title from now on, as I’m sure that the rest of the world will be, whoever insisted on that name change is a moron) and that’s not actually as bad as it sounds.  I’d use the same description for Avengers and I loved it.  Would I love Shield more if the snappy dialogue, genre-bending and self awareness weren’t dialed back?  Probably, but Shield doesn’t need to be Buffy, or Angel, or Firefly, it needs to be its own thing.  Whatever that thing is is still ill-defined as this point, but the pilot offers some tantalization possibilities. Continue reading

There are Two Kinds of Pain


“Good but not great” is a pretty perfect descriptor for the House of Cards premiere.  While I’m generally of the opinion that shows need to be given a few episodes to find their footing, this still comes as a disappointment given the the pedigree of Fincher and Spacey and the weight that Netflix is putting behind it.  To be fair, some disappointment might be inevitable under these circumstances, but I think it’s reasonable to expect something other than the anti-hero serial formula.  There’s still lots of time for the series to establish its own identity but, at this point, it could be called Mr. Soprano goes to Washington. Continue reading

The Powers that be what?

Grrr... argh

I’m a big fan of Angel.  It’s the rare spinoff that can stand next to its progenitor and, at times, even surpass it.  “A darker X” is a grossly overused description these days, but Angel earned this comparison to Buffy; delivering more mature stories in which both good and evil were harder to recognize and their cost significantly more real.  Sadly, this description can’t really be applied to the show’s first season; which, with is spotty-characterization, rambling season-arc, and utterly bizarre tonal shifts, had all the hallmark’s of an ill-conceived spinoff.  Angel struggled to figure out exactly what sort of series it should be for much of its first season (procedural? super hero?  horror? Buffy 2.0?) and, far from BtVS’ skillful blending of genres, the tension yielded some truly difficult to watch TV.  Did I mention that I’m a big fan? Continue reading

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I may or may not enjoy this

First off, a confession; I’m behind the curve on watching Mad Men because I didn’t particularly like it the first time around.  It’s not that I actually disliked the first season; the series is well shot, written, acted, etc, but there was nothing there that compelled me to keep watching.  I make no apologies for not sticking with “the best show on television.”  There’s just too much quality TV to choose from these days for anyone to waste their time on a series they don’t love.  But it’s been four years and friends and critics I respect are still raving about this show.  It’s enough to make me think it’s time to give Mad Men another shot.  Perhaps I’ll see what I’ve been missing this time around, or perhaps I’ll finally be able to pinpoint what doesn’t work for me about this series.  Either way, it should be an interesting few months. Continue reading

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing

It’s spring again and, in my house, that means Treme is back!  This is a very good thing, because I’ve missed the soundtrack and the characters.  I’ve decided that, in doing these reviews, I’m not going to formally retrace what happened last season; I’m going to assume that you, having decided to read a blog on the second season of a show, will have watched the first.  Continue reading

… when it ain’t your turn

Writing about The Wire is a singularly difficult task.  The series has received critical accolades aplenty; I can think of no others that have been given the label “best” so often by so many, but most of those assessments only deal with the generalities; its grit, its realism, its perfection of the serialized form. Continue reading

… the ones that walk

I am not one of those who think that adherence to the source material as a measure of quality.  An adaptation is just that, a work changed to fit a new medium; we should be concerned with see the best possible story, not with seeing the same old story reflected.  That said, I can’t help but be excited by how much The Walking Dead premiere, “Days Gone By,” felt like an issue of the comic. Continue reading

This is unique

Dexter’s premiere has to be one of the most effective I’ve ever seen.  It’s unusual for a series to be so strong so fast, but this one pretty much declared itself a masterpiece right out of the gate.   Continue reading

I was warned

Ho-ly crap!  Damages has, quite possibly, the best series premiere I’ve ever seen.  I assumed that a legal drama focused on intrigue would have a necessarily slow pace, but “Get Me a Lawyer” sucks you in immediately Continue reading