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I wouldn’t trust a man who wouldn’t try to steal a little

Take it easy, Veronica

Take it easy, Veronica

Well, that was depressing.  Deadwood could never be described as a cheery series but some episodes are a lot bleaker than others.  It’s somewhat ironic that the darkness moves in just as Alma learns what her claim’s actually worth but, as I said last week, the Garrett mine’s more important as a structural element than as a subplot, an excuse to tie the characters together and generate a sense of momentum for the season.  It’s irrelevance gets underscored here as all the gold in the world can’t change life for Trixie.  The world, or at least her world, is fixed and the impossibility of living in it is trumped only by the impossibility of changing it. Continue reading

To Kill a God you must Become One

The God of poor casting

The God of poor casting

“The Well” sees SHIELD return to playing strengths, which is a good thing even if it only raises the bar back up to “watchable.” We’ve got an interesting sci-fi/fantasy hook, some solid super power action, and more Marvel mythology than we’ve yet seen.  There’s also the glimmer of greater potential here in the long overdue expansion of Ward’s character.  I’m growing a bit cynical about the show’s ability to follow through on any of the good ideas that occasionally crop up but, to play devil’s advocate, this one does hit all the necessary beats by giving Ward some depth and damage.  The twist isn’t exactly mind blowing, but it does push the show into some darker territory and finally asks the audience for something other than indifferent acceptance. Continue reading

Nothing is Permanent


While still far from what I’d call compelling, this episode of House of Cards was at least interesting.  After all this show’s relentless cynicism it’s refreshing to finally see some genuine emotion from Frank.  Equally refreshing is the fact that this wasn’t the expected story of the corrupt politician that used to be young and idealistic.  We learn nothing of Frank’s politics when he was younger, but we do learn that he was once a far more earnest man, someone capable of personal intimacy on a level that would terrify Congressman Underwood.  We also learn that our Frank misses that young man.  There’s no tortured soul searching, no suggestion that he’s going to change the course he’s on, just the admission that he’s lost something of value. Continue reading

Oh boy, I really was jonesing for another heartbreaking sewer talk

Deja vu all over again

Many fans see “I Will Remember You” as one of the few bright spots in the otherwise dark days of Angel’s first season.  For my part, I can’t stand it.  Rather than give yet another explanation of why I don’t like Angel and Buffy as a couple, I’ll just say that this episode perfectly encapsulates their relationship.  If you enjoyed that, best stop reading now.  If you’re like me, you were rolling your eyes within the first few minutes.  All due respect to Joss, but this episode is a clichéd, saccharine, predictable piece of indulgence which feels like a cross between bad fanfic and a tired rehash of the story we spent three years watching. Continue reading

The Hobo Code

I think it's finally working

What’s this, an affecting episode of Mad Men?  I wouldn’t go so far as to call “The Hobo Code” moving, but for the first time in this series I caught myself actually caring about what would happen to the characters.  That’s a pretty low bar when you get right down to it and moments like these have me thinking I’ve been a bit too forgiving of this series thus far.  Great narrative needs to command our investment, not just our admiration and this is first time that Mad Men has been able to draw me in rather than simply display some technical excellence.  Part of the problem is what an enigma Don is; it’s difficult to care about a character you don’t really know and this episode addresses that by peeling back some of Dick Whitman’s pretensions and showing us how much they weigh on him. Continue reading

The madness of mercy

It’s unfair to call this episode a letdown but, after the blistering awesomeness of last week, “The Pointy End” definitely feels like a step back.  It’s almost essential to have an episode like this after a game-changing climax, as characters must wake up to the new status quo.  Continue reading

Come at the king, you best not miss

The Wire continues to twist our expectations this week as an escalation in the case is seen as anything but good.  What’s great about this is that there’s no suggestion that Burrell is corrupt, he’s merely outraged at the can of worms the detail has opened and insistent that it be closed.  Continue reading

I don’t want this life

Damages owes more to Lost than its use of flashbacks.  Its twists are becoming as labyrinthine as anything on that island and, while certainly intriguing, they are starting to stretch credulity.  Continue reading

I do crave control

It’s been three weeks since Dexter killed anybody and, as if to make up for lost time, “Shrink Wrap” gives us our most intriguing victim yet.   Continue reading

I’d take our family over normal any day

I’ve been pretty forgiving of Supernatural’s weaknesses thus far because of how effectively it plays to its strengths.  When the episodes are 100% reliant on tight plotting, good humour, and the occasional scare, you don’t necessarily miss deep characters and real emotion.  The problem is Continue reading