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Deeper into the Woods


I really wish that episode twelve (or something like it) had arrived earlier in the series.  I’ve long complained about the lack of any real challenge for Frank and while the show has provided answers of a sort before now, none have been this good.  At long last, Frank meets someone in his own league, someone equally as deceptive and manipulative and whose more than willing to pull strings to get what he wants.  Perhaps most importantly, Raymond Tusk recognizes Frank for what he really is, and the exposure robs Francis of his most potent weapon, finally forcing him to deal with someone as an equal.  It’s really a dynamic we could’ve used over the course of the entire season, not just as a final hurdle to the Vice Presidency. Continue reading


I really don’t like it when people shoot me!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing

Angel delivers its second entertaining episode in a row here, which is about as consistent as season one’s quality gets.  “Expecting” doesn’t really deserve that snark, but it’s a sad state of affairs when middle-of-the-road episodes like this are bright spots.  There’s some solid humour here, but not much else as Angel and Wes have to save Cordy from her demon-spawn.  Comedy episodes aren’t really a bad thing, but I wouldn’t really apply that label here, it’s just that the jokes are the only thing that stands out.  It’s just more of the same problem with this series being unable to make more than one element work at any given time. Continue reading

Nixon vs. Kennedy

Exciting, but not really the point

“Who cares?”  Alright Weiner, ya got me.  After weeks of equivocating reviews I must finally bow down and acknowledge Mad Men’s genius.  It’s not that my complaints about the show’s emotional void were addressed, it’s that a character looked into the camera and told me they were irrelevant.  The anti-climax of “Nixon vs. Kennedy” flies so confidently in the face of narrative convention that I have little choice but to sit back and accept it.  This show simply isn’t about telling the type of story I want or expect and there’s no longer any room to do anything but sit back and appreciate its complete originality. Continue reading

This is me yo, right here

This episode opens with the McNulty and Daniels discussing whether or not the case was worth it.  They’re talking about what happened to Kima but, for the audience, it can easily be about what happens this episode.  Continue reading

I can trust you?

Wow… again.  The flash back/forward structure of this season paid off huge in the penultimate episode.  Much of “There’s no ‘We’ Anymore” is footage we’ve seen before, but seeing it placed in its proper context is a terrific way to build tension.  Continue reading

We see them, we know they’re real

Wouldn’t ya know it, the boys are fighting again, albeit about something other than dad.  “Faith” actually doesn’t deserve that snarky introduction as it introduces some moral ambiguity to the usual monster-hunt and gives the boys a personal stake in what’s going on. Continue reading

You can’t be a killer and a hero. It doesn’t work like that!

Doesn’t it?  That, my friends, is the six million dollar question.  Dexter is fascinating on any number of levels; it’s an everyman story, a superhero origin, and a crime procedural; it’s about identity and community, relationships and alienation, honesty and affection; but its central conflict, first and foremost, is a moral one. Continue reading

Did you get my message?

Remember when I said that Cecil was a good villain?  It’s rather fortunate that “Beyond the Sea” didn’t air first because he’s got nothing on Luther Lee Boggs. Continue reading

I'm still here, you know?

So… Why did the Tritons lock Veronica in the trunk?  I’ve had a number complaints about this show so far, but nothing (except maybe Paris) that couldn’t be chalked up to growing pains.  That changed with this episode.  Continue reading

I'm sixteen years old

I may have been too hasty in declaring “Nightmares” the high point of season one, as “Prophecy Girl” is much better than I remember.  Yes, there’s nothing terribly inventive about this episode, but it’s a near-clinic in how to execute a finale. Continue reading