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I Pray to Myself for Myself


For all the improvement this series has shown in its latter half, it still hasn’t managed to elevate itself beyond “pretty good” and, sadly, that label also needs to be applied to the finale.  The execution remains at the same high level we’ve come to expect, but the expected sense of inevitability is also still there.  Finales, particularly to stories that style themselves political thrillers, need to be suspenseful in order to work and while Chapter 13 does its best to make us think things may all come crashing down around Frank, it never really succeeds.  Worse, it holds back its alleged trump card for next season which may make sense in terms of getting us to tune in again, but it does leave this season feeling like kind of a cheat.  I’ve tried really hard to be fair to this show but, given that this is my last chance, I think I’m just going to dive into the negativity.  Feeling free to stop reading if you’re a fan. Continue reading



It's like a metaphor


The Wheel

Alright, I'll buy it

Well, here we are.  Mad Men’s season one finale has unenviable task of concluding the season arc after last week pulled the rug out from under us.  We spent nearly twelve episodes thinking that we were unraveling the threads of Don Draper’s identity when, in fact, we were watching him stitch that identity together.  The masterstroke of this swerve is in making us rethink the series up until this point; the risk is that it becomes a stopping point for the story.  That could’ve been easily addressed by making episode twelve the finale, but the creators made the bold decision to give us one more and this episode, delightfully, manages to move forward in the vein of self-construction while still integrating with the episodes that preceded it. Continue reading

All in the game

As I’ve said time and again in theses write-ups, The Wire’s narrative creeps up on you.  It may be difficult to place exactly where the characters are in their arcs at any given time, but they are going somewhere.  That being said, this show is fundamentally about a world, and that world never changes. Continue reading

… but I believe in justice

Nothing this good should be called a letdown, but “Because I Know Patty” is substantially less intense than the two previous episodes.  There are still plenty of twists in the way everything plays out, but the episode falls into the trap of many season finales Continue reading

We do what we do and we shut up about it

I said last week that I would start trying to take Supernatural one episode at a time.  Having done so, I can say with confidence that “Route 666” is one bad episode. Continue reading

Abstinence and pure Christian ways

There are enough intriguing ideas in “Gender Bender” to make one great episode of television.  Sadly, there’s also enough sloppy storytelling to make for one painful hour of television.   Continue reading

What’s that word again, for “almost friend?”

Ah, Veronica Mars, will you never land on a consistent tone?  After the last episode ended on an apparent suicide, “Lord of the Bling” quickly switches back to soft serve.  Continue reading