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What we once were informs all that we have become

Love at first sight

I complained during the last trip into Angel’s past that the show doesn’t go to that well often enough.  Having now re-watched “The Prodigal,” I’ve changed my mind.  Not that this episode isn’t great, it’s among the best yet, but the rarity of these flashbacks helps accentuate their impact.  I think it’s no coincidence that both flashback episodes have been Kate-centric; as a new, peripheral, member of the Angel family, she hasn’t yet accepted his past and so it’s made doubly significant.  Unlike “Somnambulist,” that past isn’t a direct factor on the events of the present, but it is at the centre of Angel’s motivation. Continue reading


With people there’s just crazy

“Unfortunate” is about the best word I can think of to describe Supernatural’s first foray into non-supernatural villains.  I appreciate that the show hasn’t limited itself to demons, spirits, etc as it allows for a much broader range of horror stories to draw upon, but Continue reading

Mulder, I hate it when you do that

And I hate it when The X-Files can’t make its various pieces fit together, not that the pieces of “Young at Heart” are terribly good on their own. Continue reading

I'll kick your ass if you don't Wang Chung!

Ah, now that was fun.  “Ruskie Business” isn’t quite the melding of episodic and serialized plots I’ve been hoping for, but the case-of-the-week did nicely dovetail into the season arc and was a nice ride to boot.  Continue reading