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He thinks he can get out of this by pulling a Gandhi

Irish whip!

“The Ring” would’ve been a merely another bad episode of Angel had it arrived at another time, but just after the apparent game-changer of “The Prodigal,” it becomes almost unwatchable.  What’s frustrating me is how this seems to retreat from the right direction.  This show has a voice, it damn near found it in Angel’s struggles to save Trevor Lockley.  Having come so close to finally fitting everything into place, why is it now jerking us around with a story that is, at best, intensely silly and, at worst, lazily stupid? Continue reading


For love and loyalty

There was a very predictable way to tell the “Meg vs the Winchesters” story.  Tales of evil hot girls almost invariably follow the path of seduction, betrayal, violence, victory, lessons learned.  “Shadow” does not give us such a story.  Continue reading

I’m wondering which lie to believe

“E.B.E.” gets it right as far as mythology episodes go.  It’s the kind of thing The X-Files did so well in its early years: downed UFOs, alien rescue missions, and lies within lies within truths within lies…  It’s all about the questions and not the answers Continue reading

That’s this close to takin’ your attractive cousin to the prom

Wow, you know the show’s getting better when Weevil gets a laugh, Veronica and Wallace interact on a human level and somehow, miraculously, the story of the kidnapped school mascot actually works.  Continue reading