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But… It’s MY Destiny

Rapture cake is the tastiest cake

Far right, nice photo bomb

I really like “Soul Purpose.” As gimmick episodes go, it’s not Angel‘s strongest outing and nowhere near the heights of Buffy; Angel’s dream sequences are devoid of any subtlety and the happenings in the real world aren’t much better.  But it’s this propensity to tell rather than show that makes this episode compelling.  We’ve glimpsed the pain behind his brooding many times before but the naked insecurity on display here is something quite different.  Angel’s in the midst of a full blown identity crisis, one that doesn’t just crack his cultured stoicism, but strips it away altogether. Continue reading


You’re Emotionally Scarred and will End Up Badly

Would you love me if I was fangy?

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating, it’s amazing how stories can change for you over time.  When I first saw “Into the Woods” I thought it was the best ending possible for a relationship that wasn’t that interesting to begin with.  I felt a little bad for Buffy, but was ultimately glad that the series could now move on to more compelling fare.  Now I can watch it as the culmination of Riley’s arc and the viewpoint gives the episode a lot more emotional weight as I’m able to sympathize with him and, strangely, sympathize more with Buffy.  Seeing Riley’s side is what makes this breakup a story, rather than just an excuse to make Buffy single again. Continue reading

… the life of kings

I have, perhaps, been unfairly harsh in my criticism of season five.  Throughout these ten episodes The Wire has remained an extremely strong, at times brilliant, series.  To slam it for not being the series I wanted illustrates the pitfalls of any long running show.  At a certain point we must start measuring the series against itself rather than against whatever else is on.  Four years of genius have created quite a host of expectations in the audience and while the creators shouldn’t have simply tried to meet them, I would rather they had been thwarted in more interesting ways.  With that in mind, I’ll attempt to look at the series finale for what it is, rather than what it isn’t. Continue reading

Everybody wants something

Another week, another inspired episode of Dexter.  “In the Beginning” was a little slow in the… well, beginning, but the bottom half of the episode was so thoroughly awesome that it made up for it.  Continue reading