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You gotta do what you can to protect your family


The face of intimidation

I really like “Origin.”  That seems somewhat strange considering I’ve always been a fan of (or at least apologist for) Angel’s son and this episode presents a Connor that’s almost unrecognizable.  At its worst, Connor’s presto-chango journey to mental health is a complete cheat, a way to avoid dealing with the baggage of season four and write-out an unpopular character to boot.  There’s a lot of truth to that but “Origin” proves the series isn’t quite willing to dispense with consequence altogether.  The best part of Connor, in my opinion, was his relationship with Angel and this episode is far from an easy out in that respect. Continue reading


Weird Love’s Better than no Love

This view should be a special feature on every episode

Part of what makes Buffy’s infrequent gut-punches so effective is our ability to have so much fun outside of them.  After the heavy hearts of the last two weeks, the show seamlessly pivots back to comedy in “Intervention.”  A big part of what makes this transition work is the fact that Joyce’s death isn’t ignored, it’s fallout is still a central element of the plot.  Buffy goes on her vision quest, in part because she’s concerned about the emotional impact (or lack of impact) caused by her mother’s death.  Misinterpreting that impact is how her friends rationalize her apparent affair with Spike, and concern regarding that impact is what keeps Spike from telling Glory about Dawn.  Keeping Joyce’s death in the spotlight is how this episode keeps the laughs from feeling jarring.  Keeping those laughs from feeling disrespectful… well, that’s all in the episode’s execution. Continue reading