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Serve no master but your own ambition

So, just how did you spot me?

So, just how did you spot me?

“Time Bomb” is a solid episode, dovetailing an advance of Illyria’s arc while neatly resolving some of the lingering problems she presented.  As an antagonist, Illyria was great; after brutally murdering Fred she’s established as a remorseless demon lord with godlike strength and intelligence, the ability to manipulate time and space, and possibly talk to plants.  She was someone we were definitely interested in seeing our heroes fight.  But, with the fight over, where does she fit?  That’s the central question of Illyria and what makes her such an interesting character but the things that made her a great villain also make her integration with the team impossible.  This story is about very human heroes; it’s not big enough for a god, so how can Illyria remain a part of it? Continue reading


Did Somebody Order an Apocalypse?

I’ll only do this once, I swear

“Tough Love” begins the final, heavily serialized push to the finale.  Season five has done an effective job balancing Buffy’s episodic and serial elements, but it’s still nice to have things brought into such sharp focus.  These last four episode really work as a unit, so much so that it’s a bit difficult to review them individually.  Great as this week’s high stakes excitement is, it’s somewhat overshadowed by the cliffhanger, which is unfortunate, considering how much substance there actually is here. Continue reading