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She’d never fall for a centuries-old guy with a dark past who may or may not be evil

No, why would Buffy be here?  We would want to mess with such an awesome episode.

No, why would Buffy be here? We wouldn’t want to mess with such an awesome episode.

Well, here we are, the last crappy episode of Angel.  I tend to Google episodes before writing about them (it’s a good way to gain perspective) and I was shocked to discover that “The Girl in Question” has its defenders.  I just don’t get how anyone could like this episode.  Having a comedic departure at a time when the series should be building momentum was ill advised to begin with but, if you’re going to do it, don’t forget the “comedic” part.  Even if we put aside the bafflingly placement in the season and the equally baffling bait and switch of not getting to see Buffy, we’re still left with an episode where the overwhelming majority of the jokes don’t land.  The quality of the Angel & Spike’s bogus journey hovers somewhere around the series’ first season, and that’s just inexcusable at this juncture. Continue reading


What’s the Story with these Roleplaying Rejects?

What could be dumb about this?

The Knights of Byzantium are stupid.  Like, deeply, world-breakingly hella-stupid.  So stupid that it requires every bit of goodwill this series has built up over the years not to just stop here and see what’s on CBS.  Why is that in a world of vampires, witches, and sex-bots I can’t accept the existence of knights in shining armour?  Lots of reasons, but I’ll reserve them for the Final Thoughts as there’s no coherent way to integrate them into a discussion of what should’ve been a good story.  For now, lets just consider them this episode’s threat, a well-meaning complication in the wider fight against Glory.  By ignoring the specifics, “Spiral” can be considered a relatively good episode. Continue reading