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One Shining Moment

Guess that Drogyn spinoff isn't happening

Guess that Drogyn spinoff isn’t happening

“Power Play” is the perfect episode at the perfect time.  Beyond being a masterful lead-in to the events of “Not Fade Away,” Angel’s penultimate episode is a great story in its own right and more than enough to get the audience re-invested after last week’s unpleasantness (let us never speak of it again).  What really sells this episode for me is the way it’s able to make us doubt our champion.  We never really believe that Angel’s gone over to the dark side (I’m not sure that we’re meant to) but it’s abundantly clear that something’s wrong with him and figuring out what that is makes for a compelling piece of television. Continue reading


Six Billion Lunatics Looking for the Fastest Ride Out

Not to be confused with fanfic

Not to be confused with fanfic

“The Weight of the World” makes for a solid penultimate episode to the season as Willow attempts to help Buffy deal with her sense of failure.  In some sense, this the standard “remind Buffy that she’s Buffy” story that ends most seasons, but there’s more than enough fresh meat here to keep things interesting.  This isn’t a case of Buffy deferring the final battle because she’s afraid, or overmatched, or isolated; it’s her shutting down because she’s failed.  As Willow points out, the battle isn’t actually over but, for Buffy, failure doesn’t mean losing the fight, it means surrendering. Continue reading